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Aug 30, 2012
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    1. wowgek7
      np the mod didnt like it though because I got a warn for it and thats enough reason for me to not post again on this forums for a verry long time because i didnt break any rules or anything thats why i post it here if I post it there that mod wil probatly give me a ban
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      2. wowgek7
        im of to bed almost 1 am here night
        Nov 29, 2014
      3. numerouno
        Have a goodnight and feel free to pm me
        Nov 29, 2014
      4. wowgek7
        I will fweeel free to do the same though my memory is a pile of junk and im bound to forget
        Nov 30, 2014
    2. Sergeant Sleepy
      Sergeant Sleepy
      I can trade you whatever you want that's listed on the thread I have with my friend if you are interested. The only problem is it will have to be tomorrow because I am finishing up a project for school tonight. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I am interested in making a trade.
    3. Duy Nguyen
      Duy Nguyen
      Hi, what would you like for the Dome Fossil?
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