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Oct 10, 2015 at 10:45 AM
Mar 12, 2011
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Mar 29, 1994 (Age: 21)
Dark Continent


Are you watching closely..., Male, 21, from Dark Continent

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Viewing forum list, Oct 10, 2015 at 10:45 AM
    1. Kidogo
      Hey I realized I forgot to post in the tutor availability thread last time, I can't do tutoring atm cause of school--I already talked to my tutee, so thought I'd let you know so he can get another tutor if possible. Thanks!
    2. Shrew
      Hello, I'm your opponent in the UU Open. I think the best way to know when I'm available online would be to message "shrewstur" on skype, although it could be done here. I'm generally available between 1PM to 1AM PST, with a preference towards nighttime.
    3. Volty
      Hey If we were starting today (Forgot if we said monday or sometime else) anyway I'll be hanging out on the capasb or pokemon irc channels if you need to find me.
    4. HispanicPanic
      So, Zebraiken my NU tutor says he cannot tutor me because he just resigned as NU leader as is not interested in tutoring right now. He just forgot to inform someone beforehand. Should I just wait until next round, or will it be possible for me to get another tutor?
    5. Volty
      Hi Ojama, we got paired up for tutoring.
    6. ThatCrazyRussian
      Hey man, since i was skipped this round of tutoring, do i just make a note about it in the next time i sign up? Sorry, idk how the tutoring really works tbh
    7. soulgazer
      Hi, sorry if it's not the right place to talk about it, but could Hot N Cold possibly be my tutor for this round? We talked about it on IRC and he agreed to be my Tutor, but as he can't choose himself his tutee, he told me to ask you. Thanks !
    8. Hot N Cold
      Hot N Cold
      If is necessary I can have 2 tutees this round with a decent times zones
    9. PttP
      I shall be gone from Saturday until like Tuesday so some time after that please.
    10. Go10
      hi, im paired with ur mom, when does she wants to fight ?
      1. Furai likes this.
    11. Qwilphish
      are you ready to fight? ill be on joims whenever you are ready
    12. gr8astard
      lol good luck on frontier ojamama <3
    13. Qwilphish
      hey, were paired for the UU Open. Im GMT -7, and will be able to play either today anytime or any other day after 5:30 PM my time
    14. CTC
      LoooL thanks big nig :{)}
    15. Bryce
      hey we need to play for upl.I'm gmt+6.tell me when you will be available to play
    16. Kidogo
      Hey, it looks like I can't do tutoring this round, I posted that in the PM but it looks like not in time (just got back from vacation). Can I get removed from this round?
    17. Archivesdomain
      Same i cant find it :(
    18. Kenny
      yo You are required to make a tutee talk thread within one week, no matter if any lessons have taken place or not. You will be subbed out for another applicant if no thread is made.
      i dont see the tutee talk subforum?
    19. McMeghan
      pls tutor me
    20. CTC
      Ojama my man, can u link me the really funny gif u showed me the other day? I found the perfect opportunity to post it :{)}
    21. Houndoomsday
      hey do you have the logs of the second seminar?
    22. MikeDawg
      Hey, Ojama. I was wondering what mew set you are referring to in the Viabilty Ranking Thread. Thanks!
      1. MikeDawg
        Cool! Thank you.
        Jul 14, 2013
    23. Reymedy
      c ton pink trophé ki é homoseks
    24. Windsong
      shit buddy when did this all happen!!!!!
      sorry we couldn't add in a red trophy there too :( this year we're getting it though RIGHT
    25. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      i'm not going to post some meaningless one-liner here, but instead convey my sentiments of sincere congratulations to you for such astounding achievements in such a limited time. you were always an excellent battler and prominent community presence, but your combination of bad attitude and bad luck held you back for quite some time. now it seems that you've broken free of those limiting factors and ascended into the true form that you've always had inside you. i pronounce thee, OJAMA KING

      1. CTC likes this.
      2. CTC
        Gargle gargle gargle
        Jul 15, 2013
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    Mar 29, 1994 (Age: 21)
    Dark Continent
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