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Ominous Fyre
Last Activity:
Oct 12, 2012
Jul 2, 2009
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    1. labarith
      I don't know... reduced speed is a pretty big handicap. Making them "maybe kinda trickroomish" might be interesting...

      Then again even at 0 speed, you're not outspeeding much under trick room...
    2. labarith
      Sounds decent. Make sure the speed is 0 for each of those (unless you're doing a funky HP, which I kind of doubt).

      I'd be interested in copies of them if they're females. :)
    3. labarith
    4. labarith
      OK, thanks! Enjoy the non-redis yanmega. :)
    5. labarith
      The Jolly one you traded me has bad IVs - you don't want that back, do you?
      Only the Adamant shiny one was flawless.
    6. labarith
      Online now. Will trade for the female ones, then trade you back 1 clone of each - right?
    7. labarith
      Cool! Let's try real quick - I'll come online now!
    8. labarith
      Gah! I missed you again!

      I'm only interested in the female ones.

      We'll trade for sure tomorrow. XD
    9. labarith
      Remind me what these dragons are again - it's been... uh... ages?

      I guess I missed you earlier. VM me when you're free.
    10. labarith
      Give me ~ 20 minutes, then I'm ready.

      What should I bring?
    11. labarith
      Sorry I missed you. Maybe we can meet up this weekend.
    12. labarith
      I guess I missed you. Argh! Tomorrow!
    13. labarith
      Are you still on?
    14. Victini
      np glad i can help.
    15. Ominous Fyre
      Ominous Fyre
      Sry bout that had to find an outlet (my phone died). You actually entered right as I entered that message, so sorry bout that. As for the trade, thank you so very very very x10000 much. :) also that klink i traded you is 31/31/31/x/31/31. I felt it was wrong not to give you anything. Its semi-redis so you can trade it away as well.
    16. Victini
      look i'm doing this as a favour to you so try to be nice and grateful and stop complaining, i really don't have to do anything!!!!!!!!!!! you didn't even thank me i shouldn't have traded with you in the first place.
    17. Victini
      use my white fc in sig.
    18. Victini
      I have to clone first, this is your fc 2838 0207 0855?
    19. Victini
      well VM me when you ready.
    20. Victini
      I don't understand what you're saying.
    21. Victini
      you can have it free, VM me when you can trade.
    22. labarith
      Let's try monday. I should be mostly free.
    23. labarith
      Are you free to trade today? :P

      Also... I know it took you forever to get back to me w/ the dragons, but I'd love it if you'd do another BP or two for me.

      VM/PM me asap. :)
    24. sophies
      ooh no problem man those genies are meanies. Iv'e been heavily into pokemon tcg anyway and have had little time for smogon. How have you been other wise are you going to vgcs? or did you already go ?
    25. sophies
      ive totaly dismantled your wall iam sorry lol
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    Platinum (OT: Swiss) FC: 3009 7768 7820
    White (English) (OT: Ominous) FC: 2838 0207 0855
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    Where the sky is green and the grass is blue
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    2838 0207 0855
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