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Mar 3, 2012
Jun 4, 2010
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    1. mattj
      Oh they're treating me quite well. Oh hey, incase you need any mons, I'm uploading all of mine to pokecheck.org now. You can easily download them straight from the site to your DS from there. I've still got a ton to upload, but they'll all show up in that link eventually.
    2. mattj
      Ahaha, actually
      He'll be named "Lincoln (Link) Anthony Carter"
      My awesome wife said "Yeah sure you can name him after your favorite videogame character."
    3. mattj
      Umm yeah like, on #skarmbliss that channel we were on, we have live VGC '11 tournaments every saturday.
    4. mattj
      nobody knows yet
      next year though, get with me earlier so you have a couple weeks practice time :)
    5. mattj
      lool0olol bro you made it past the first round with a team you never practiced with.

      great job :)
    6. mattj

      what round was that?

      it sounds like he had your team countered perfectly.
    7. mattj
      In my experience that really hasn't been a problem, but that's a decision you'll just have to make on the spot. :/
    8. mattj
      Oh you could do that too if you want. Remember to use Overheat because Heat Wave won't 1HKO most Whimsys.

      The nice thing about using tornadus though, is that after you KO it you can then set up Tail Wind like normal and go about your normal business.

      It's really a decision you have to make though, by looking at their mons. Do they have anything that would really threaten Tornadus? what about anything that would really threaten shandera?
    9. mattj
      Oh lol no like:
      Whimsicot = Fake Out it + Acrobat it.
      Other Tornadus = Fake Out it + Use Tailwind to outspeed, then attack like normal.
      Trick Room = Imprison + Acrobat their support mon.
    10. mattj
      Acrobat and Imprison against Trick Room.
    11. mattj
      oNE SEC!
      TAnTilIZINg dEbATe IS tANtILIzING!
    12. mattj
      Dangit. Sorry got in another debate. I actually was on under the name pokemaster819 or something stupid so other people wouldn't bug me.

      My FC is...
    13. mattj
      lollool oh, nah I won't need a place to stay, but thank you so much for the offer, possibly next year. I actually won't be going down to Atlanta. I'll be lucky to scrounge up th $$$ to make it to Indi this year!

      Ummm... I'll be around anytime for the rest of the evening. Just message me with your FC when you're ready and I'll see ya on with 7 mons.
    14. mattj
      Oh! Dang man! I got so busy. Yeah I'll definitely be on um... I'll get off work by 4PM US Central Time and have it on for the night. Oh, and all the mons I'll be trading you are already EV'd and have moves and whatnot.
    15. orbwhisper
      Tomorrow night I'll be on
    16. mattj
      Yeah Nintendo WiFi Conection is crap 90% of the time. If we keep at it it'll work.
    17. mattj
      AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK BRO! This is a different cartridge! I don't have your FC on it! :((((((((

      If you can hop on wifi again we can trade, but I'll need your FC again, and I'll need to give you mine.
    18. mattj
      Oh? Awesome. Yeah, just catch me on IRC anytime and you can have what you need.
    19. mattj
      Nah TW's still doing good. Really though, Trick Room works, it just hasn't won a tourney yet (though it has made T8 and T4 a few times). Goodstuffs (EQ / Discharge / etc) has done well too.
    20. mattj
      nah haha, it's nothing

      oh, everything BUT the joltik tympole axew tornadus and thundurus are EV'd and leveled up.
      the joltik tympole axew tornadus and thundurus are the only ones that need EV training.
      if you want to put different moves / items on them, sure they're your mons :3
    21. mattj
      joltik tympole axew Tornadus thundurus are the only ones that aren't EV'd
    22. mattj
      I'm on whenever
    23. mattj
      Yeah, I'll be on around 10 US Central (11 in Atl).
    24. mattj
      lolol1ol1ol got busy. :3 Hmmmm lets see... How about for the genies...
      Timid HP Ice 70 Thundurus
      Jolly Tornadus
      Jolly Landorus
      And Timid for Larvesta

      I can get you all of those, plus the others you listed.

      Now, I don't remember, but do you know how to get on IRC? All you'll have to do is click THIS LINK pick a NN and press Go. I'll probably be on for a while starting around 12 US Central Time today, and if we don't meet today, I usually get on around 4PM US Central throughout the week.

      Also, just a bit of advice, EQ/Discharge/Tailwind/TR wins VGCs. I saw that before Seattle, but they just proved it there too. Keep that in mind.
    25. mattj
      Well, Trick room can work, I've been having fun with Tailwind for a while now though.
      Torndadus / Meinshao / Krookodile / Thundurus / Landros / Chandelure
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