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Dec 6, 2007
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    1. Eden's Embrace
      Eden's Embrace
      you're a real knowledgable user regarding ADV :x. Would you be up for some games sometime?
      1. Oxypad
        Hello and thanks. Appreciate the message. I hold you in high regard as you seem to have much experience yourself. ADV is nostalgic for me. I battle for fun and for more surprise value nowadays, if I even have the desire to go on the battle server. But I sure do enjoy watching replays. Maybe we will meet on the ladder while searching, that is most convenient for me, I do not necessarily care. I would rather not make plans over this game. It was nice hearing from you!
        Aug 16, 2016
    2. Tamahome
      are you GGWK is here? if you are, just gotta let you know: I MISS BEING WRECKED BY YOUR HARIYAMA LEAD TEAM! that was one legendary team. ;)
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