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    USUM UU Player of the Week #3: Pak

    I'd say like 80% skill 20% luck. While the presence of luck in mons is undeniable, even in RBY which is supposedly the most luck based tier, the best players consistently putting up good results in tournaments and it's really no different in any other meta. My car's engine clearly hates you...
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    Quality Control Rotom-Mow [QC 0/3]

    Overview In the first line, give examples of top threats it matches up well against Gliscor seems like a weird rocker to mention for ones Rotom-C beats since U-turn does a nice chunk. Bulkier variants tank a Bloom Doom from full pretty comfortably and faster variants outspeed so yeah just take...
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    Copyediting Bewear (SD Drain Punch) 1/2

    Moves Add what types of mons SD can help Bewear break through like Hippowdon and Amoonguss I would remove the blurb at the end of the Double Edge line regarding its usage and replace it with examples of mons it hits hard Usage Tips Small thing but I wouldn't say SD should only be used against...
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    Tournament Monotype Winter Premier Week 1

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    Tournament Monotype Winter Premier Week 1

    Won in a nailbiter vs my man Sabella, gg. fuck the wankas
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    Grammar-Prose Team Queue: It's a Whole New World We Live In

    UU Doublade
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    Copyediting Doublade [GP 0/2]

    done, ready for gp
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    Quality Control Azumarill [QC 2/3]

    Overview The first line doesn't add much since the 2nd line includes the same information so I'd consider revising or just removing it Having Aqua Jet lumped in with its high base power STABs seems a bit weird. Include that it has priority and how it helps alleviate azu's low speed to some...
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    Copyediting Doublade [GP 0/2]

    implemented and written
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    Copyediting Doublade [GP 0/2]

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    Superstar Pearl's UU Secret Santa!

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    Copyediting Doublade [GP 0/2]

    [OVERVIEW] Doublade presents a unique pick for teams in the UU metagame, offering both a solid defensive pivot and late-game sweeper. Doublade's defensive prowess stem from its monstrous Defense stat, access to Eviolite, and fantastic defensive typing. Ghost / Steel possesses nine resistances...
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    Tournament Monotype Winter Premier Week 1

    fuck wanka
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