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Apr 19, 2015
Jun 12, 2010
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February 17


from Brazil

Pedrock was last seen:
Apr 19, 2015
    1. syrim
      i'm on irc, if im idle just wait a few minutes after pming me, i always respond to pms and flashes, i've responded to yours but youve left very soon after sending them

      ill be on all tonight
    2. syrim
      hey man let's fight, ill be on all day and night, today especially
    3. Ojama
      k get on grotto
    4. Texas Cloverleaf
      Texas Cloverleaf
      yo, what's your irc/po chan for the powc so we can talk times and stuff for our players to battle. Team Canada on PO main or #canada on irc is where you can find me.
    5. syrim
      anytime in the next 2 days works for me
    6. Jayde
      that's fine, we can play whenever we see each other I guess

      and yeah I understand this has been frustrating, but we'll get it done soon n_n
    7. Vinc2612
      Hi !
      Yesterday we talked about playing now, I'm on grotto as Vincent. Come whenever you see this VM
    8. Trinitrotoluene
    9. Trinitrotoluene
      Yea, I'm here. Where do you want to battle at? PO or PS?
    10. Trinitrotoluene
      Hey, can we battle now for the Pound-for-Pound tour?
    11. Trinitrotoluene
      Hey, please tell me when you're available to play for the Pound-for-Pound Tour as well as your GMT. This will help us determine a good time to play. I'm available after my school ends on Friday (which is somewhere around 4:00 P.M. GMT -7). I have tests tomorrow and Friday. Sorry, and thanks for understanding!
    12. Fiction.
      my afternoon was like before 6pm gmt +2. hm, i'll try and make it somewhere, but no guarantees. if i can't play (which i probably can't 10pm onwards) then just take the win. shame the extension wasn't until friday lol
    13. Fiction.
      i can try tonight and tomorrow, i'll just need a specific timeframe cause it means i have to go find internet with po/ps access somewhere

      edit: turns out i can't do tonight, but i have a day off tomorrow as well, but i'd rather get it done during my afternoon if that's ok with you. either way let me know
    14. Dubby
      Try to play Jayde, you're both online.
    15. Django
      Can we play this weekend around tour time?
    16. Dubby
      I likely won't make the battle later today, so if you or Jayde could save the logs for the battles and PM them to me, that would be great.
    17. Dubby
      Have you and Jayde been in contact?
    18. Fiction.
      hey, we have to do another ubers game, this time for pound-for-pound. i should be available whenever but i won't be able to play after sunday

      edit: i also can't play friday night, but apart from that i should be good to go whenever
    19. Icicle Fissh
      Icicle Fissh
      I'm there :> have been for an hour or so
    20. Icicle Fissh
      Icicle Fissh
      Sorry, was at school when you sent me that. 3pm GMT today still good? Grotto? :)
    21. Dubby
      Make sure you and your opponent are aware that you are playing the three main tiers: BW Ubers, OU, and UU.
    22. Danilo
      thanks bro. ill get some wins for you and SKY
    23. Grimsly
      alrighty im here :) meet me on PS!
    24. Grimsly
      Ah the jolliness of time zones lol. This may look a bit confusing but today is my Monday and your Sunday lol I'll refer to the days like that.
      Well i decided not to bother posting the times i'd be on today, since ill be on for the rest of the day, if I see yah on I'll vm etc, otherwise,
      Tuesday (your Monday) I have work, so I'll be up earlier :). I can be on 9am/10am which is roughly 8pm/9pm your time.
      Wednesday (your tuesday) Should I be unable to make the monday, reference the same times for today, so perhaps 10am/11am?
      With that I think we should be able to get this done easily :)
    25. Icicle Fissh
      Icicle Fissh
      Sorry, I have never really used PO much :>
      That will be half midnight for me, and I have to get up early tomorrow, is ~ this time or a bit before tomorrow good for you? sorry once more
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