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Jan 25, 2014
Nov 24, 2009
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    1. shadow0x0cloud
      Pheano whats up?
    2. FriDanny
      That's okay. I already have 2 versions almost flawless.
    3. FriDanny
      His thread link is in my thread under TRUTH. TRUTH is in my giveaways section which I'm sure you know where that is.
    4. FriDanny
      Enjoy the Magnezone and TRUTH. Be sure to post in Bozo's thread just to notify him that you have her.
    5. FriDanny
      I see, I'm only using Diamond. Anyway, I'll be online shortly after I get TRUTH and Magnezone
    6. FriDanny
      There's only 1 reception desk downstairs as far as I know. Anyway, all you have to do is head on wifi after adding my friend code, and I'll host the trade room.
    7. FriDanny
      Yeah, but why didn't you handle this before hand when I wasn't available? Go downstairs in the pokemon center, receive your pen pad. Open it up in your Key Items, and type your Friend code to me.

      After that, go down and register me on your pen pad by typing in my friend code (which can be located in my signature or "about me" tab). Make sure you have a wifi access point. Let me know if you can get this far.
    8. FriDanny
      Yes :) Sorry for the delay. So you only need the HP Ice Magnezone correct?
    9. FriDanny
      Ah sorry, just missed me :( Next time i'll be free.
    10. FriDanny
      What we're chatting with now is called VM
    11. FriDanny
      Hm, I don't really have a set time. If you see me on, just VM and I'll let you know if I am busy or not.
    12. mattj
      You know, it's that way for some mods, but others can be really nice. For instance. I got an infraction from Darkie one time for an "incoherent post", but I PM'd him and explained to him what I meant by the post and that I thought it was unfair and he actually reversed the infraction! 0_0 Super nice guy! Then, of course, I've met Mingnot and Zerowing in real life (at Worlds 09) and they're 2 great guys too. Some other mods (that I won't name) are real jerks though! :P
    13. mattj
      Trust me, it was that way for me too. It gets better as people get to know you. There are just so many noobs/hackers/scammers that just show up and screw people over that most people here have gotten quite defensive. :)
    14. mattj
      I totally know what you mean. Here, this is actually the site I get all mine off of. I've tried all the important ones (cloning/pokeballs/vitamins/various items/etc...) Just find which version you're using and copy and paste them in using the software and the cable. :)
    15. mattj
      What's up?
    16. Blue Kirby
      Blue Kirby
      If you prefer reading, the index of articles on site is here. I'd start with the introductory article and then take a look at any that strike your interest.
    17. Blue Kirby
      Blue Kirby
      This thread should give you a pretty reasonable idea of what each tutor teaches.
    18. Huntofthelion
      Uh sure, Is it posted or could you PM it to me?
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