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Jun 23, 2008
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Oct 12, 1987 (Age: 26)
    1. Uber Shiny Absol
      Uber Shiny Absol
      Sure. Let's play on Friday, then.
    2. Uber Shiny Absol
      Uber Shiny Absol
      I don't really use IRC, but I can log on it tomorrow during the time I just specified and try to find you.
    3. Uber Shiny Absol
      Uber Shiny Absol
      Well apparently we have conflicting timezones, 7:30pm PST is around 1:00am here. I am able to play from around 11:30am to 8:00pm, I think that's around 5:30am to 2:00pm PST. Can we play around that time tomorrow?
    4. Uber Shiny Absol
      Uber Shiny Absol
      Want to play now?
      I will be on Grotto, PO2. My internet is too slow to use Showdown.
    5. Uber Shiny Absol
      Uber Shiny Absol
      I will need some time to get used to the metagame with Genesect banned. I'll VM you again when I'm ready. GMT -3 (DST in effect, -2).
    6. Earthworm
    7. ala
      Ah yeah that's true, that's probably what did it lol. It is a pretty crazy story and weirded me out pretty hard when I first read it too.
    8. ala
      bro don't worry, guts is fiction. that's crazy you almost fainted....that shit doesn't even faze me anymore...dunno if that's a good thing or not lol
    9. Tomahawk
      Haha well I wasn't around back then, so now will have to do ;)
    10. Tomahawk
      Congrats on beating the frontier!
    11. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      yeah same to you, four trophies would essentially be god status
    12. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      sorry phil, your postbit is large enough...you can lose to me in finals though :]
    13. Ciele
      I don't have a lot of interest in tour anyway, but even if I did I doubt I could win it in a week lol
    14. Ciele
      Just two more to go to match you...
    15. Oristeros
      YO, idk i always thought i had u added for some reason. Then i found out i didn't :P. Ur FB also phil7086?
    16. yee
      Are you gonna be Scof and lurk forums but never IRC?

      Happy Belated
    17. ToF
      happy belated
    18. symphonyx64
      "lmao, BS, has it really been a month since I was on IRC? I've been traveling a bunch, and been swamped with work. If you're going on IRC regularly now, I'll make an effort to get on tho..."

      GET ON IRC NIGGA. Got mad stuff to discuss.
    19. panamaxis
      nah im barely on tbh, irc is basically dead nowadays (channels I'm in anyway) so im only on like once/twice a week max. Smogon kinda sucks w/o SPL or WC going on
    20. panamaxis
      This dude is old but he goes, on and on until we disappear.

      Happy birthday man, I was gonna say it on IRC but i was informed..
      [11:01am] Earthworm: he hasnt been on
      [11:01am] Earthworm: in a month
      but I still had faith so I waited 5 days for you to show up before admitting defeat.

      ...Either that or I forgot but I'd never forget so obviously its true. Also log me BS
    21. jumpluff
      Postponed and then cancelled. It's in the foramen magnum (if you don't know where that is, it's the cavity right near one's medulla), so they said after admitting me, testing me, and examining me that they couldn't afford to operate until it grows more. Got jerked around a heap but I'm just happy it's cancelled @_@ Now to find proper pain relief..
    22. Philip7086
      Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone!

      Except Bloo.
    23. symphonyx64
      I'm a dastardly dangerous person.
    24. Blue Kirby
      Blue Kirby
      Same day as Competitor! Should be a good one. :)
    25. Blue Kirby
      Blue Kirby
      I thought you were doing a RMT

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    # of times I've beaten the E4: 173
    # of level 100 Pokes: 9 (NO HACKS!!!)


    Oct 12, 1987 (Age: 26)
    My Characteristic:
    Loves to eat
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