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pie cream
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Mar 22, 2013
Jul 26, 2011
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Oct 3, 1997 (Age: 18)
I don't work for you, that's all you need to know
    1. metsrule158
      alright! i will add you on friday and maybe we can like play together, or at least talk together! plus, how did you think of that name?
    2. metsrule158
      okay. just tell me when you have it and what your gamertag is.
    3. metsrule158
      lol. tell me what ur gamertag is on xbox when you get it.
    4. metsrule158
      oh, ok then!
    5. metsrule158
      on thanksgiving? sweet. um.. just tell me your name. you know, if you get xbox silver membership, you can still talk to me and that stuff, but you just cant play games online. and its free too! so, um, just give me your name and then i will add you. this is because i am not completely sure what mine is. I'm pretty sure that it is this: MySt1CG4r. (aka mysticgar, the best gengar set in gen 4)
    6. metsrule158
      why'd you delete your message on my wall for? the one that i never saw?
    7. metsrule158
      that's awesome dude.
    8. metsrule158
    9. metsrule158
      Hey, did you get Xbox Live yet?
    10. metsrule158
      hey, make more friends on facebook. also, put a picture of yourself on facebook. anyway, tell me when you have gold membership and give me your gamertag so that i can add you.
    11. metsrule158
      Oh, can't be on later today. I will be on tomorrow and Sunday though!
    12. metsrule158
      wait, do you live in EST? And besides, I won't be on until Friday, 10/19/2011. Going over to a friend's house until like 5P.M. though. So like, 7:30 P.M. I will be on on Friday. I got Gears 3, Black Ops, Halo Reach, etc.
    13. metsrule158
      oh okay then.
    14. metsrule158
      hey, are you on right now?
    15. metsrule158
      darn. well just remember that you get one month free. and when you do, tell me what ur gamertag (username) is so I can add you!
    16. metsrule158
      okay, well if your gmt is eastern standard time, maybe we can play gears 3 later!
    17. metsrule158
      yeah lol. You got gears 3?
    18. metsrule158
      yeah, or you could buy it via xbox with a credit card. but once you make an account, you get one month free!
    19. metsrule158
      did you get Xbox Live yet? If you did, do the following steps:

      1.give me your gamertag: I will be on later today.
      2:after I send you a friend request(I will tell you when I do), click the big "x" button in the middle of the controller.
      3:go to the messages in the first window and it will say one.
      4: click on "messages".
      5: click on the message I sent you.
      6: click "accept friend request".
      7: now we can play with each other and talk to each other! (I have to warn you, I sound like a little kid when talking but not in real life. go figure.).
    20. metsrule158
      you need xbox live gold membership. You get one month free, then you have to pay to get it. Tell me your gamertag and I will add you. I am like My5T1g4R or something like that.
    21. Paradoxus
      Lol, thats awesome
    22. metsrule158
      Wait, you have a facebook? Tell me your name so that I can add you
    23. Zacchaeus
      Happy birthday
    24. Tomahawk
    25. metsrule158
      okay. Thanks!
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    Iran to Turkey cause I was Hungary for some Chile:happybrain:


    Oct 3, 1997 (Age: 18)
    I don't work for you, that's all you need to know
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