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May 18, 2017
Feb 26, 2011
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May 3
Kinneas made that^^^


from Kinneas made that^^^

pimpgangster was last seen:
May 18, 2017
    1. TalkingLion
      We're paired for SPL. I know you're on vacation, but you'll be back a day before the deadline, so that's when we will have to battle.
    2. Son_of_Shadoo
      Agreed. My sincerest apologies for the delay.
    3. Son_of_Shadoo
      I'm afraid I won't be able to play for the foreseeable future, as my laptop broke a few days ago. However, I will get a good amount of money next Monday, and the first thing I will do is go out and buy a new one. Can we postpone it until then?
    4. AndViet
      Sep 10th, 2011 8:30:47 PM that's the last time you contacted user Dummy007 but you never came to a lesson that time, if you see me online please I'd like to have a last lesson with you, since it's already been hard to contact you.
    5. Dummy007
      Of course. :P I'm Dummy007.
    6. Dummy007
      Let's do this.
    7. deadfox081
      Hey mate, you need to edit your tailwind in the raid to say which Pokemon is being left out (because it can only effect 3.)

      I suggest Rhyperior as it won't help him anyway.
    8. Darkaxis
      simple yet awesome
    9. biggie
      Oof. I'm GMT -4, so this may be a little tough. Afternoons your time are early morning/day my time and I work during the day..

      What specific time in the afternoons are you available from?
    10. obina.
      i'm GMT -3

      Tomorrow i have a free day, 2 pm to 9 pm GMT -3

      do you understand? my english sucks a bit lol
    11. Tortferngatr
      Blast is cancelling his battle.
    12. Fire Blast
      Fire Blast
      PM Tortferngatr your team!!
    13. deadfox081
      Hey man, you definitely need to put up a Wonder Room in our raid once Magneton comes out. Without screen's it's our best defence against its special attacks.
    14. Fire Blast
    15. C$FP
      Sorry, but I'm in a different Raid right now. Maybe some other time!
    16. Fire Blast
    17. BIG loven
      BIG loven
      we gotaplay
    18. Lanturn314
      Sorry, I fell asleep! :( Does the same time tonight work for you?
    19. Tomahawk
      Hey, I've extended your LC101 Tourney match by two days, really get it done by then!
    20. Lanturn314
      Hey, can you please get back to me as to when we're doing our tournament battle? Sorry to be so pushy, but I have a rather busy schedule, and the round ends on the 8th....
    21. Fabbles
      hey are you going to be able to play by the 9th? let me know
    22. Piemonade
      The new one is creative...
    23. Piemonade
      I have given you a scramble challenge, I hope its up to you standards.
    24. Lanturn314
      hey pimpganster! we've been paired up for the LC101 tournament, and I had commat pm you about when you were free, but we never heard back from you. As for when I'm free, any time after 4pm Eastern Standard Time tomorrow is good for me, as well as Sunday after 11pm EST. On Monday, I can battle at around 9pm EST as well, but I'd rather not wait that long, especially since Monday is the first day I'll be on vacation visiting my boyfriend. Please let me know if any of these times work for you!
    25. Tomahawk
      you should get your lc101 battle against lanturn314 done soon!
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    May 3
    Kinneas made that^^^
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