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Sep 20, 2013
Jan 26, 2013
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Sep 20, 2013
    1. hellpowna
      the main problem is that our timezone is orrible, coz when i'm on, you aren't on..mhh
    2. PinDragon
      I'm always signed in to GTalk messenger and my computer is only turn off 8 hours a day. I have put together a few teams that I would like to test to see how they will work. I have tested them with others a couple of times. I have (MST Zone) Wed. and Thur. off this week too. I will be on and more then will to met with you.
    3. hellpowna
      hey dude, i'm ALWAYS available on GTalk, but i never see you on :(
    4. PinDragon
      I have the next two day off, would you have time to battle?
    5. PinDragon
      I could in a couple of hours or during my Friday afternoon 1 or 2ish or even early Sat morning around 1 or 2 in the morning my time.
      1 or 2 in the mornings are good since I just get off of work or my afternoons. I would Sat. afternoon but have to go to a funeral. And will not be able to on Sunday.
    6. hellpowna
      sure dude. i'm waiting for you on gtalk :) tell me ur times
    7. PinDragon
      Could we battle and you could tell me how to improve?
    8. PinDragon
      I have not problem going through GTalk, if that works best for you. And I'm more then willing to get started.
      Through using Smogon I do have a few OU and have followed all the instructions on breeding them and setting up their moves and EVs. But I don't know how to use them correctly in a Battles. That is what I struggle with.
      What would you suggest?

      My Gmail is: rockoshaw99@gmail.com
    9. hellpowna
      Hello dude. Nice to meet you :) You can contact me via MSN, or GTalk:
      MSN: hellpowna14@hotmail.it
      GTalk: pakinozz@gmail.com

      In addition, you can find me on Team Italy server, on PO2. I'm GMT+1, and i hope to know you as soon as possibile to start the tutoring.
    10. PinDragon
      hello, how are you doing Governess?
    11. Governess
    12. Limitless
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