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PK Gaming
Last Activity:
Sep 5, 2015 at 1:01 AM
Aug 18, 2009
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Nov 2, 1992 (Age: 22)

PK Gaming

Do I need another PHD to unbutton this stupid sweater?, Male, 22

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PK Gaming was last seen:
Sep 5, 2015 at 1:01 AM
    1. bharmalm
      hey pk im the guy who used the tropios batton pass team with leppa harvest on PO im toon link 2 :D
    2. NatGeo
      Can you get on IRC soon?
    3. franky
      good user
    4. uragg
      yo i finished checking sandslash, thought you would want to know
    5. Oglemi
      Hey PK, how's that Sandslash update coming? Also, are you still planning on taking over the Meganium update, or are you willing to put that back on the market?
    6. D0nut Eater
      D0nut Eater
      If you can get on tomorrow we can get it done then, but if not we can set up a time during the week. My timezone is -6 GMT in case you are wondering.
    7. uragg
      thanks bro
    8. Bad Ass
    9. dr.shoe
      YEAH, the monster of the hidden mist is def my fav
    10. Flashrider57
      If you have Word, I would suggest copy+pasting my edits into a Word Document, deleting all the red stuff, adding in the stuff mentioned in the parentheses, turning all the blue text into black, and copy+paste it over your current update. It's what I do, and it's pretty quick.
    11. Flashrider57
      I identified a lot of errors in your Sandslash update that you might want to look at. I probably missed some spots here and there, but you probably want to implement my checks before GP Checkers look at it, because they won't check an update with as many errors as I found, to be completely honest.
    12. AccidentalGreed
      Source for your avatar? It's hilarious, if I do say so here.
    13. Shadow Moon
      Shadow Moon
      (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)
    14. Fatecrashers
      unfortunately i don't think im up for taking such a large art request such as yours
      especially when theres so many single pokemon requests on the list
      im really sorry about this ;_;
    15. Delko
    16. Fatecrashers
      i got my sig from it ;]
    17. cim
      i'm as confused as you are
    18. Fatecrashers
      that comic was awesome

      thank you
    19. Stallion
      WARSTORY?? You done? Btw for your benefit your chomp was Haban lol
    20. Flora
      Hi, just wondering if you're going to finish up Sandslash (Update) or not. Just really checking on status or if you're too busy or not. If you're way too busy, I can take over it if you want.
    21. jumpluff
      No problem, dear. :3 Good luck if you enter tomorrow!
    22. jumpluff
      I wanted to sub you into the UU tour, but everyone else but one battle had finished by the time, so I just moved on the round ^^;
    23. jumpluff
      PK, you here? If so pm me on irc
    24. Redneck
      Oh all right, I read deeper into the topic and you caught on. :) my apologies lol
    25. Redneck
      Would a scarfed ditto against another scarf'd mon not always speed tie? Simply because ditto would copy the speed stat, then get the same scarf boost the opponent has, effectively making both pokemon the exact same speed. I don't think it has anything to do with a mechanics tweak. They confirmed it was 50/50 (speed tie), so I didn't really understand your post on why you think the hihirudama would outspeed him; it was likely luck that the guy outsped him 4 times in a row, not a metagame twist.
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    Nov 2, 1992 (Age: 22)
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    Often lost in thought
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    5069 4064 3310
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