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Sep 20, 2017
Aug 9, 2010
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Sep 20, 2017
    1. Matrulez25
      Hey just wanted to say Welcome to the "Hell Razors" if you need any help at all just post on the group page or private message me
    2. bharmalm
      Come on Skype please.
    3. 7014gree
      yeah, gg
      i forget what happened t1 lol, but oh well that zen headbutt miss (? i wasnt paying attention lol i might be confused) didnt help me much
    4. Malekith
      Hey! We've to battle for the VGC tournament. I've to build a new team, so I'll VM you when I'm ready! I'm GMT+1, u?
    5. Dimsun
      I'm on skarmbliss right now, ready to play.
    6. Dimsun
      GMT -5 here, this is going to be another irritating round to find a battle time for...
    7. Dimsun
      Alrighty then, we have to play for the VGC 2012 tourney round 4(SO MANY SENIORS MATCHUPS 9.9).
      When would you like to play?
    8. masterk3ing
      Hi there. Im from the UK too and just wanted to ask you some simple questions if you wouldn't mind. Firstly, i am new to competitive Pokemon battling, although i am not new to the competitive scene as i play the Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card games all over the world. I have played the majority of Pokemon games from the GBC Yellow all the way to Black. I want to start playing in events though like online and at tournaments (Such as the VGC.) So i have a couple of questions:

      What does it take to become a good competitive Nintendo DS Pokemon player?
      How long did it take you to become good and how did you do it?
      Do you think its too little too late for someone with no competitive pokemon knowledge to Win/Top a large tournament and make a name for himself even though competitive pokemon has been out for awhile?

      Thats it for now. I would really appreciate if you answer my questions as i would gain valuable information. Thank you :)

      -Dan Walker
    9. Draco27
      Lanturn :D
    10. IceArceus12
      lol, Shall I get something new?
    11. IceArceus12
    12. bharmalm
      Lanturn 9.9
    13. Draco27
      Because i can't access it and besides shorter the name the better!
    14. Draco27
      Its me out btw.
    15. Tsuchi
    16. Tsuchi
      hi wanna battle ds style?
    17. gec
      hey man, don't think I congratulated you on getting another trip to worlds this year, good stuff!
    18. Darkpenguin67
      Ok, are you available now?
    19. Darkpenguin67
      Hey it looks like we were paired for the VGC tournament what times are good for you. (I'm EST/ GMT-4)
    20. Alakapimp
      I'm giving you the activity win, but please try and submit your team as soon as possible in future rounds. It is the first thing I look at for activity.
    21. Fantom0
      Aww, well, I may make a TR team based around Seviper anyway
    22. Fantom0
      Exactly what I think.
      Who's up for making a team based around Seviper for a change?
    23. Fantom0
      Can't wait for next year's ruleset, as long as it's ubers ^_^
      I couldn't stand another '12 meta, so boring -___-
    24. outofthedarkness27
      yep 2 more years as a senior :D
    25. outofthedarkness27
      Im afraid not,for some still unexplained reason my ds powered off whilest being full power and charging so heh i have to go wait for ubers next year 9.9
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