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Nov 13, 2007
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June 30
The Distant Land of Canada. GMT -7
    1. Pokéguy
      No problem Christian. Also, thanks to you too DarkLynx.
    2. Christian
    3. DarkLynx
      Thanks for the trade! :)
    4. Christian
      at the last second i edited my FC so look if you have the correct one (its in sig now)
    5. Christian
      I can remember it was VADER.
    6. Pokéguy
      @DarkLynx yeah sure, I'll jump on wifi now with Shiny Skorupi

      @Christian, yeah sure, I'll jump on wifi with Jolly Eevee and Bold XD Zapdos; Do you remember the OT of it? Was it Zim or VADER?
    7. Christian
      yeah i lost my game with all in it D:
      But i think the zapdos and the eevee are the only pkmn that i need atm so are you willing to trade them to me again?
    8. DarkLynx
      Hey man, can you trade now? :)
    9. Pokéguy
      Yeah, I have all the stuff I traded you before:
      Christian-Raikou [Apr. 23, 2009], Shiny Wailmer, Shiny Beldum, Jolly Eevee, Bold Zapdos, Modest "Daddy" heatran for 30/X/31/31/31/31 Starmie and half trade rights. Why, did you loose your copies?
    10. Christian
      Hey Pokeguy can i ask you if you still have the XD zapdos an the jolly eevee that you gave me in a trade? (I gave you starmie + redis rights on it)
    11. Pokéguy
      He uses VBA, R4 and a few other things not everyone finds legit, but he's a good kid. It's like every "hacker" in the book gets a second chance (Inevitable for example, who hacked some 'mons and put them on a trade thread, then removed them after being busted with illegal spreads and a overly amazing Raikou and XD Zapdos), except for Viletung, who un-excusably posted hacked 'mons that he didn't plan on trading, and is now blacklisted forever.

      So yeah, basically everyone missed their chance (sorry, I'm rather busy IRL) for the legendary dogs, because *a mod* had the power to just add Viletung to the blacklist with out any proof, even though he never scammed a single person other then myself, by mistake, with his nephew's charmander.

      Anyways, I'm rather sick of this game (and busy with other things), so expect to see less of me. Later everyone. Oh also, my rambling is too crazy for one message, I hope it's okay to use three.
    12. Pokéguy
      So basically my friend Viletung has been blacklisted with out any proof what so ever (not one of his pokemon EVER came up hacked; all his chaining projects came up legit, hack checked by negator a long ass time ago, before the PID applet and such) and the only hack he has ever traded, ANYONE, was a Shiny Charmander his nephew hacked; it wasn't even four flawless and there was no way to know it was hacked; he just caught his nephew and told me the next day what had happened. Sounds like a trust worthy person to me, but what ever. I know his pokemon are legit (he tells me what he does with each one); sometimes he breaks the "laws of legitimate pocket monsters" but he always tells me, and I trade for what I'm okay with.
    13. Pokéguy
      Sorry Politoed666, that was the only day I had anytime what so ever to trade; a bunch of people on smogonwifi got pissed because people who "didn't work for their pocket monster" would be getting it for free, so they found a loop hole and closed the giveaway (and probably my trade thread for the same reason >_>) because Viletung had been blacklisted, for posting some pokemon with hacked SID/ID on DMP, that he had no plans to trade. People make this huge deal out of what they find legit and what they don't, but honestly, isn't it cheating to use a out side device to check your SID or even soft reset your SID for flawless shiny spreads like the ones I have seen on DMP? I think the minute that secret IDs stopped being secret this game lost a lot of game value.
    14. Politoed666
      Soo... I don't get my Entei, right? Is that what I'm getting from your VM a few down? It's alright. :/
    15. Hamstern
      Nice giveaway! To bad I missed it I wanted to vote in that poll ;___;
    16. TEST 101
      TEST 101
      Eh HG/SS will come here eventually..or we can always CMT or work(EV+Clone ect) for it.
      Anywho I hope everything will work out with Viletung! =o
    17. Gir!
      So, basically even if we got it before it was closed we`ll miss it? :( well, guess its fine, great job with the redis though! You are freaking awesome
    18. TEST 101
      TEST 101
      Still great giveaways tough im kinda shocked at the whole Viletung thing..=\
    19. Pokéguy
      Sorry to everyone wanting a legendary dog, the giveaway has been closed. It is out of my power, and that is all I want to say. Have a nice day and sorry to those who missed out.
    20. San_Pellegrino
      Blame my wi-fi for me going offline...I'm back now...after a dreaded 30 min disabling of my wi-fi...
    21. TheForgottenSoul
      Hey Pokeguy! I will be online a little bit later tonight if you want to get those Pachirisus. Let me know, thanks!
      yo sup pokeguy i just wanna say your my only friend lol
    23. Underworld
      Hi Pokeguy, you're one of the nicest guys here IMO, despite what some people say. Thanks for all the trades we did!

      Oh, and I will never release your Suicune, even if I get a flawless one. :) Has way more value. ;D
    24. art-of-tennis
      WOAH, now I get why people are friending me. There's these little profile things on here now. When did these get added? 0.o
    25. Flora
      Pokeguy, you gave me cool Pokemon so you're cool. Thanks! =D
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