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Jan 7, 2015
Apr 29, 2011
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June 19
argand plane
    1. dice
      i'm a genius . what is yo username .
    2. trickroom
      yeah mayan sucks i guess. It isn't time for that lol.

      OK I will edit Lugia then thanks
    3. dice
      what's your username gurl omg
    4. dice
      did you get skype nigga
    5. Pocket
      Yes, I'll be there (for real!)
    6. Pocket
      EST is GMT-5 so 11 PM for me (currently 4:13 PM) so I think it's 10 PM for you
    7. Pocket
      Very sorry, Mr. lol, I forgot about our schedule. Do you think we can battle on Sunday instead of Saturday (after 11 PM EST)?
    8. dice

      3-10 pm est anytime , just tell me a time or else i'll prob not be on
    9. dice
      i know who you weree :o & I guess. :)
    10. Blim
      Well, looks like I missed that friday, I also missed your no-weather finals games, gj making it that far btw.

      The failure of blim continues... <.<
    11. trickroom
      I posted there, the Tailwind Zekrom. Also lol, Zekrom is more dangerous than Kyurem-B. Bolt Strike is STRONG

      yeah this week sucks.
    12. trickroom
      yeah pc gone down :( I just downloaded it!
    13. trickroom
      you are not here :(
      Something happened I wasnt on yesterday
    14. Bluwing
      Ill give you the win my pc broke..
    15. ZoroDark
      Well... I think I'll be on most of the day, afk or not. If you just PM me on the server, I should be able to see that. So yeah, that's the plan, unless there's some surprise Christmas shopping, but I'll let you know then!
    16. Furai
      Dont have time, Fuk math
    17. Bluwing
      Ps i dont have po
    18. Superimp
      You do not have to necessarily mention Arceus-Psychic requiring careful conservation - I just pointed this out as a possible issue. He has reliable recovery anyway.

      Good work Mr.lol.

      NOTE: Just noticed your edited post... You're good.
    19. Superimp
      Like I previously said Mr.lol, Utility Counter Arceus-Psychic is a UTILITY COUNTER. This is why I emphasized a Specially Defensive spread (Curiously, the current AC section for Arceus-Psychic does not mention Deoxys-A anywhere. Oddly enough, the Overview too - this is a fundamental niche that truly sets Arceus-Psychic apart from the other formes. Might need to fix that...).

      It is true that an uninvested ExtremeSpeed is a bit weak. Still, it's sufficient for dealing with the vast majority of Deoxys-A sets (AKA what you're discussing in the checks / counters) - the standard sets. Focus Sash (Usage of 51.672%) lacks the power to overcome Arceus-Psychic with Dark Pulse (Arceus-Psychic has Recover and will win when switching in; this has been tested) while Life Orb (Usage of 28.718%) loses due to recoil (This has also been tested). All other items are extremely rare and I imagine are largely irrelevant in the context of the checks / counters section (Unless you REALLY want to mention them).

      It is also very easy to adapt Arceus-Psychic's EV spread. For example, 252 HP / 48 Atk / 208+ SpD ensures that Arceus-Psychic's ExtremeSpeed will always OHKO after one round of Life Orb recoil. It also guarantees an OHKO on Deoxys-A with a Defense-lowering nature (EX: Mild). However, this is primarily an option for those who desire more of a reassurance against Deoxys-A.

      Is it possible to "reframe" your response on Ice Beam VS Dark Pulse towards the community rather than a direct response to my post? Remember, I am not giving you my own opinion on Ice Beam VS Dark Pulse; I am just providing relevant information to help your decision. This is totally optional.

      Thanks for mentioning Specially Defensive Latias Mr.lol :).

      NOTE: Just noticed your edited post (and edited VM) - it looks much more accurate. Still, take a look above; I imagine the Arceus-Psychic "issues" have been adequately explained - VM if you catch something. However, one very critical issue remains - Arceus-Psychic must be carefully conserved/managed for this purpose as the damage it takes is quite severe. Feel free to mention this in the analysis / your post.
    20. ZoroDark
      Hey there! We're opponents for Clear Skies Ubers Semi-Finals. I'm GMT -6, and I can be on between 3-8 on weekdays, and I can be on pretty much all day in the weekend. Note that I'm a Beta player, so I won't be on PS! as much as on PO. Let me know something!
    21. Superimp
      By the way, is it possible for you to resume working on the entry hazard guide? In particular the abusing entry hazards section? Thanks.
    22. Superimp
      252 SpA Life Orb Deoxys-A Dark Pulse vs. 252 HP / 216+ SpD Arceus-Psychic: 190-224 (42.79 - 50.45%) -- 1.17% chance to 2HKO
      252+ SpA Life Orb Deoxys-A Dark Pulse vs. 252 HP / 216+ SpD Arceus-Psychic: 208-247 (46.84 - 55.63%) -- 74.22% chance to 2HKO
      4 Atk Life Orb Deoxys-A ExtremeSpeed vs. 252 HP / 40 Def Arceus-Psychic: 104-123 (23.42 - 27.7%) -- possible 4HKO


      252 SpA Life Orb Deoxys-A Dark Pulse vs. 252 HP / 208+ SpD Arceus-Psychic: 190-226 (42.79 - 50.9%) -- 3.91% chance to 2HKO
      252+ SpA Life Orb Deoxys-A Dark Pulse vs. 252 HP / 208+ SpD Arceus-Psychic: 211-250 (47.52 - 56.3%) -- 82.42% chance to 2HKO
      4 Atk Life Orb Deoxys-A ExtremeSpeed vs. 252 HP / 0 Def Arceus-Psychic: 108-127 (24.32 - 28.6%) -- possible 4HKO

      Remember Mr.lol that this isn't standard Utility Counter Arceus-Psychic, it's Specially Defensive Utility Counter Arceus-Psychic (Elaboration in the quick summary; the EVs are 252 HP / 40 Def / 216+ SpD OR 252 HP / 48 Atk / 208+ SpD - remember He is a UTILITY COUNTER). Deoxys-A's Life Orb boosted ExtremeSpeed is too weak to successfully KO Arceus-Psychic after SR + Dark Pulse, regardless of Deoxys-A's nature. My post was also assuming "standard conditions" for the counter definition (AKA He doesn't have to deal with SR + additional layer(s) of Spikes, just SR), a definition which Specially Defensive Utility Counter Arceus-Psychic coincidentally fulfills (and exceeds). Is it possible to edit your post in light of this to make it a little more accurate?

      Anyway, thanks for placing Arceus-Psychic in the Checks / Counters section :). Got to give credit when it's due, especially when it is Arceus-Psychic!

      P.S. Like I said in Post #12, Ice Beam's main advantage over Dark Pulse is its ability to inflict consistent Ice-type damage, as well as damaging Specially Defensive Giratina / Great Wall Lugia / Latias more - essentially in agreement with what you wrote in Post #15. Remember, my intent is to provide both the advantages and disadvantages of Ice Beam / Dark Pulse - nothing more, nothing less. It's up to you to decide on the ultimate slash order based on the facts, experience, etc. (Though it helps to take into account the community's opinion like you are currently doing). Hopefully this makes my position clear Mr.lol - you can choose to edit your post in light of this clarification (EX: State your case to the community, personal experiences, etc.).

      On another note, like I said in Post #12, Specially Defensive Latias dislikes the extremely rare (and AC) Ice Punch greatly as she can't switch in safely. She is still one of the better answers to Deoxys-A though with the possible exception of Arceus-Psychic. Is it possible to specifically mention her in addition to Latias as a whole rather than just mentioning Latias as a whole? Likewise, is it also possible to specifically mention the relevant Latias in the AC of Tornadus-T like the other "main" checks? Thanks.
    23. Bluwing
      You can find me om orivexes server in the evening idk timezones as om not good at it.
    24. Blim
      Thanks....and ah, custap forretress, that brings back good dw uber memories.

      I haven't been on showdown at all after making reqs for the evasion clause, lol. I'm going to be busy today, so best time is friday morning / night or weekend.
    25. trickroom
      I just downloaded PO2
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