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Feb 14, 2013
Oct 8, 2010
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    1. Bad Ass
      Bad Ass
      Please update your Volcarona set.
    2. PooF
      Hey, thanks for the set. Myself i've been using bulky butterfly dancer on my drought team and i agree that it's better than full on offensive sweeper. I was using morning sun instead of coverage move though (it's great as it can set up alongside calm mind sweepers and then rape them (even Kerudio!). It can also stall ditto's PP and defeat him. Anyways, i have it mostly written, i'll definetly give you credit for your set, so no worries there.
    3. Sphyxius
      Teammates & Counters (cont.)
      • If you run HP Rock: Only 3 Pokemon resist the combination of Fire/Bug/Rock: Kerudio, Poliwrath, and Terakion. Make sure you have something to counter them (Flying and/or Psychic types).
      • HP Ground on the other hand will leave you open to a great deal more threats: Archeos, Aerodactyl, Moltres, Charizard, Gyarados, Salamence, and Dragonite, in addition to some lesser-used Pokemon with those typings; be sure you pack a good Rock-STAB user to clobber them with.
      • Hard hitting physical attackers will not break this set as easily without super-effective STAB, however no amount of defensive EVing will protect it from Rock attacks.
      • Given the amount of boosting being done and the lack of initial speed compared to the straightforward sweeper set, this set can be a magnet to phazers.

      sorry about all the posts... stupid 1000 character limit
    4. Sphyxius
      Teammates & Counters:
      • Spinners. This is even more important with this set as opposed to more common offensive ones, as this Ulgamoth is designed to stay alive, and then sweep.
      • With this sets bulk, it may not be a bad idea to pack some teammates who are weak to Ulgamoth's quad Grass and Bug resistances, to lure such attacks and get you a free switch-in.
      • Sun all the more welcome with this kind of set; the Water neutrality only adds to your durability (though your fellow Fire types may do a bit too much damage for comfort with their STABs), and the power boost to its Fire attacks will help mitigate the initial lack of EV investment.
      • Water types are barely considered counters anymore as after 1 or 2 Butterfly Dances half of the damage done by most bulky waters' STAB moves is being mostly recovered off by leftovers.
    5. Sphyxius
      Additional Comments:
      • Rapid Spin support cannot be stressed enough as you want to preserve this set's exceptional defensive prowess.
      • Bug Buzz is a great STAB move that gets a lot of neutral coverage, whilst the choice between Fire Dance and Fire Blast comes down to preference; Fire Blast offers more immediate power, but Fire Dance can prove superior with perfect accuracy, more PP, and the high chance to boost its Special Attack.
      • HP Ground/Rock is a tough choice; see teammates and counters section.
      • EVs are meant to mitigate Ulgamoth's defensive frailty, and combined with leftovers recovery and Butterfly Dance boosts, they make it very hard to take down. The nature boost is meant to provide a little offensive nudge to further be built upon with multiple Butterfly Dances.
    6. Sphyxius
      Set Comments:
      • Meant to provide maximum bulk in addition to a decent nature boost to your choice of Speed/Special Attack.
      • The vast majority of special sweepers, even those with super-effective moves, are setup-fodder due to the BD boost stacked on top of the EVs.
      • Defense and HP EVs greatly increase Ulgamoth's durability and allow it to easily switch in on resisted physical hits and even some neutral ones
      • Leftovers recovery combined with this set's bulk means it is not at all unlikely that you will get off 2 Butterfly Dances, maybe even 3 or 4 if you're lucky. The idea is that at that point thanks to this set's defensive spread, not only are you wiping the floor with your opponent, but you're also nearly impossible to KO.
      • Difficult to revenge kill as the only priority move it really fears is Aqua Jet.
    7. Sphyxius
      yeah, sorry about that mate. I do have one set which I've yet to see anyone suggest on the forums, just be sure you give me credit ;) I've been testing this set for months, it is quite capable of getting 2-4 Butterfly Dances and its a royal pain to kill. Most people ragequit when they can't even scratch it whilst its sweeping their team. It doesn't always work, but I think its much more reliable and less "all or nothing" than the more traditional sweeper sets. Plus it packs an element of surprise.

      name: Bulky Butterfly Dance Sweeper
      move 1: Butterfly Dance
      move 2: Fire Blast / Fire Dance
      move 3: Bug Buzz
      move 4: Hidden Power Ground / Hidden Power Rock
      item: Leftovers
      ability: Flame Body
      nature: Timid/Modest
      evs: 252 HP/252 Def/4 SpA/Spe
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