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Feb 13, 2016 at 4:05 AM
Oct 11, 2009
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June 4


formerly TV-Rocka, from Germany

is a Pre-Contributor
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Feb 13, 2016 at 4:05 AM
    1. -Frexa-
      hello, mine is Gmt-6. I can only play on Saturday or Sunday, im a little bussy with school rite now
    2. Danilo
      you're playing ?_?
    3. Danilo
    4. Sapientia
      ah wann npl
    5. Kenny
      nu open opponent, im est (gmt-5) :) i irc a lot but you can probably find me on smogon easier on the weekends
    6. Konata Test
      Konata Test
      Hey man, i'm your opponent in Ubers Open, i believe, so yeah, you usually see me as some guy named A, GMT+7, the time i come on may vary.
      1. Konata Test
        Konata Test
        you there bud?
        Sep 7, 2013
    7. Alf'
      I highly doubt we're paired for uber gslam :p
      I know you're my opp for RU. We have the same timezone so it should be easy. I will be there Wednesday evening and same for Thursday. Is it ok with you ?
    8. Alexander.
      ok im here and ready to play. ill be on showdown as alexander_ in a moment
    9. Alexander.
      i have to go afk for a while. i guess i can play in 30 minutes if that's ok with you. see you later
    10. Alexander.
      no problem and sorry i honestly didn't remember it lol, i'll catch you on irc this evening
    11. Alexander.
      yo pick a day and a time and i'll try to be on. plz lets battle
    12. TheKFC
      Okay, i will be on PS all the day, pm me there if you can play
    13. Level 51
      Level 51
      Hey, wanna battle now? I'll be on PS as Level 51
      1. Level 51
        Level 51
        ok well scratch that... also I cant play tomorrow until later, like maybe 5PM onwards my time.
        Aug 30, 2013
    14. TheKFC
      I was in a travel, and i couldnt play. Sorry, can you play on saturday? I will be all the day.
    15. Alexander.
      hmmm something came out and i think i can't battle today. im free all the day on tomorrow and most of the day in the weekend though. ill be on irc as alexanderplatz as well, in #pokemon and #ratemyrteam
    16. Alexander.
      i guess just vm me when you want to battle (tomorrow right? i can play from 19 pm to 1 am)
    17. Alexander.
      yo man we're paired in uu open. im gmt +2 and ready whenever. let me know something
    18. TheKFC
      Okay, it works for me
    19. TheKFC
      Are you there?
    20. TheKFC
      Im waiting in showdown
    21. TheKFC
      Or if you want play now, im avaiable
    22. TheKFC
      Hi, my timezone is gmt+2 too, im avaiable tomorrow at 9PM. I'll be on showdown with my forum nick.
    23. Level 51
      Level 51
      Yo we have to play for the Ubers Open; I'm GMT+8 and free mainly in the evenings.
    24. Lolk
      Hey we are opponents for the UU open round 3! School just started for me, so i have been very busy lately (and I am GMT-5) so we might have trouble getting this done. I am free in my tomorrow afternoon, Friday afternoon, and all of Saturday to start. I hang out on #neverused a lot also so that would be a great way to meet up :)
    25. Vinc2612
      Tomorrow is fine, I should be online in early afternoon and the evening
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