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Sep 13, 2012
Feb 23, 2012
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    1. Prex
      In the old days of Liam, Amphy & Colin, folks called me Anzek. During the illustrious years of Shoddy, people called me Chow Time. Whence the days of PO came, my friends called me Prex. Yamata, Zacc, Hugen, pana, Scofie, blara, Limi, prem, Ojama, matty, TAY, Hipmonlee, phillip, Reach, Blur, Bloody, Holsety, Patriot Josh, Quick, Philo, Flynn, Ent, muk, Oxy, and most importantly... SDS. Folks I owe more than I feel I could tell; many others on that list. I'd be dead if it weren't for Smogon and it's members. I'm leaving this here to say I've left contact info up to date as of July 27th. It was a fun ride. I'll miss you all... if I ever get at least famous enough with this music crap I'll throw a huge party and fly everyone out to my crib. I promise. Love ya, Smogon <3

      Hoping someone reads,
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    (19:44:47) JayHankEdLyon: But yeah, in short, mods here fucking suck, don't care about assholes ruining it when people just want to play a game, blah blah blah
    There's nothing wrong with a little truth...... or is there? It's not paranoia if someone is really after you.


    A little class is all I ask.
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    Very finicky


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