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Sep 2, 2017
Mar 5, 2007
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    1. Lady Salamence
      Lady Salamence
      And I'm at a hotel that does not allow me to download programs.
      I'm leaving today at around 6ish, EST.
    2. Lady Salamence
      Lady Salamence
      Hello, Pride

      So I saw you beat zarator. Which means we have to battle. I'm at a hotel, and I'm going home tommorow. When would it be the best time for you to play, and I'll see if I can do it.
    3. zarator
      I saw your VM only now, but you were already gone
    4. zarator
      Hello, Kevin Garrett lost so it is up to you now. Lemme know when can we play.
    5. scampy
    6. yee
      lol of course thats why I always use Rain or Excadrill in sand! Idk if I would let Drizzle go to Ubers though.. Pelipper being usable and Gastrodon being the monster it is. I dont know exactly what I would like to do with weather, ban Excadrill and Thundurus first then sort that out!
    7. yee
      I was hoping you would post that team, because it looked archivable when I first saw it, gl making another masterpiece like that!
    8. yee
      Yeah I knew my driver friend actually had alt checked you before lol... I was just trying to be subtle. I probably faced you under "Enforcer" most of the time, maybe "johnny knoxville" or "Dead Kennedy". My first thought when I saw the RMT "Pride is not going to happy about this" xD
    9. Bad Ass
      Bad Ass
      hey we're paired for spl

      i know im late but when can we fight
    10. Kevin Garrett
      Kevin Garrett
      Where you been?
    11. Iconic
      howdy, we're paired up for spl week 3. i can make time at basically any point during the week so any time you can play is good for me
    12. idiotfrommars
      lol you posted that on your wall silly. I think tomorrow evening should work for me since I have a light final load on Wendseday. I guess Wendsday could work as well. But I have literally no time on Friday or Saturday, so I think we should get it done before then.
    13. Pride
      I'm having a bit of internet problems. The best day for me is tomorrow or Wednesday evening (I'm in gmt -8) while I am at school, let me know if this is okay with you. If not, I may have to request to be subbed out because of this problem.
    14. idiotfrommars
      I'm extremely busy this week, so the sooner we can get the battle done the better. I am GMT -5.
    15. kokoloko
      I guess I can try tomorrow, but I'll likely not be home for a large portion of the day. If you can catch me on PO anytime, then I'll gladly do it.
    16. kokoloko
      Hey man, sorry I keep putting this off but I'm going to need a couple more days to get ready to battle. So instead of before the 30th, sometime after New Years might be better. We'd still have six days to get it done, so it shouldn't be a problem. You okay with that?
    17. kokoloko
      Yeah after Christmas but before New Years Eve might be a good time for both of us? If anything, I mod over at the main PO Server and I'm on a lot due to being off from school, so you could find me pretty easily. Same alias.
    18. kokoloko
      When is a good time to battle for the invitational for you?
    19. MSB
      So when do you want to get the UU tourney battle done?
    20. sethm7598
      um hello everyone
    21. DJXO9
      Some day, you too....
    22. DJXO9
    23. Cristal
      Do you wanna play now?
      I'm actually on CAP
    24. Doctor Octagonapus
      Doctor Octagonapus
      Hai again for liek the 3rd taim. I'm on #stark and #pokedraft.
    25. Doctor Octagonapus
      Doctor Octagonapus
      O relly? BTW, you're doing the thing and the such with the tour, rite?
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