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    1. Staraptor
      Weekend's best for me xD
    2. Pedrock
      're u free to play now? When u V'med me I wasnt there anymore...
    3. FireMage
      I'm not going to be able to battle tonight, So tomorrow is probably going to be the only day we'll be able to battle. I'll be available from 2/3pm GMT onwards until about 9pm (I'll be sat on IRC - not sure which computer I'll be on - If it's my laptop I won't be able to play ADV/DPP until Ican get to my desktop). I'm not sure what Django set the deadline as (with regards for what time tomorrow the round finishes) but I'll ask him to hold it open so we can battle within that timeframe.
    4. Asek
      we're playing for OU mini tournament. When are you free to play? I'm GMT+11 available 10:00AM - 12:00 noon but can work out other times if thats inconvenient.
      Excellent ava
    5. DragonForce.
    6. LilOuOn
      Bri, i dropped the tournament cause i was joining the OU minitournament #3, so you can give the win to Chimpakt
    7. Dualshock
      Hey man was wondering did u get the PM I sent you, and could u please reply to it ? :)
    8. FireMage
      Hey Bri, couple of things, Deadline for NU-Back to the Future is soon when are you available to battle. My Timezone's GMT if that's any use for you.

      Also, How is your battle for Team Tour going?
    9. tml
      yo man, me and my uber mini tour opponent require an extension to saturday, he is not available at convenient times for both of us until saturday and we are going to play at 4pm EST.
    10. undisputed
      man whenever i see you post, my brain thinks you're whitequeen because of that avatar. twice today i've scrolled over a post that i thought was by whitequeen but it was you lol -_-
    11. WhiteQueen
      im on grotto now if you wanna battle
    12. WhiteQueen
      I would but I am not home. And won't be home till 5hrs from this post
    13. ShootingStarmie
    14. Furai
      start mini-tour already n_n
    15. FireMage
      Hey, Brii I've got the activity win for NU - Back to the future, which means I'm your opponent for Round two. When would you like to battle?
    16. SoulWind
      if you dont mind you could add me to skype to get this easier done, im soulwind9
    17. Valentine
      you're my opponent for round 1 of the Ru minitour. ill catch you on skype soon~
    18. SoulWind
      are you afk now?
    19. Dark Fallen Angel
      Dark Fallen Angel
      Hey man, are you going now to continue the Pokemon of the Week project? If so, can I make a suggestion? Jirachi. I am interested to discuss about that pokémon, and I am certain that so are other people.
    20. Pedrock
      Hey man, we hav to play for Team Tournament. I'm GMT-2 and use to be online at evening. Feel free to set an exact time to play. =]
    21. SoulWind
      lets play NOW
    22. SoulWind
      hey come to irc :o im in #pokemon
    23. blunder
      I'll be on Skype in like 8-9 hours if u wanna do our UU match since we're paired for round 2
    24. WhiteQueen
      yo my team for the stat tournament is made and I can play whenever. Get at me when you're online and wanna battle
    25. MikeDecIsHere
      u lookin gd in da avvi bby
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