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Professor Xerilia
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Jun 15, 2013
Jan 12, 2013
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Professor Xerilia

from Under your Bed

Professor Xerilia was last seen:
Jun 15, 2013
    1. Last Chance Breaker
      Last Chance Breaker
      Gowai PX, no one likes you :P :P (jk jk,you know who I am :P, to bad your not around anymore..)
    2. Tyfusion
      Ha hoo heey :D
    3. Tyfusion
      You're famous :D
    4. Cosmic Fury
      Cosmic Fury
      Hey, how's it been lately?
    5. Shame That
      Shame That

      demyx is the best
    6. its PZ
      its PZ
      hmm..............how about....UU <_< >_> and you get decide when and where ^_^
    7. its PZ
      its PZ
      hai Professor Xerilia......
    8. DR4G0Nx
      Well true lol. This set requires ALOT of prediction. Once Tyranitar is in a sub, basically nothing threatens it. Focus Punch and Dark Pulse are great coverage since dark pulse hits ghosts and Focus Punch does Overall power to normal types and steel types. I now understand that you are a rookie in battling! Keep up the work :D
    9. DR4G0Nx
      Can you tell me how you think about TyraniBoah ? I think that it is very effective and should be used often !
    10. DR4G0Nx

      TyraniBOAH (quiet +spatk,-spe) EVs= 252hp/52atk/176spatk/28spe

      Ability = Sand Stream @leftovers

      ~Focus Punch
      ~Crunch/Dark Pulse
      ~Flamethrower/Ice Beam

      Ok lemme tell you how this set works, its a big legend basically. The infamous TyraniBoah set. It's basically hell when you met this tyrant since the A/D/V days, its still pretty effective in todays metagame. Ok, the plan is simple. Bring it to something that can't threaten tyraniBoah, set up a subsitute, and watch it wreak havoc. With 404, tyranitar can set up 101 substitutes, which is useful, because blissey has to use 2 seismic tosses in order to break a sub. Once a sub is up, tyraniBoah could fire up some powerful focus punches, OKOing blissey and heatran, and most 2KOs too! Crunch can be used, nailing ghost types such as jellicent and gengar. Dark Pulse could be used to hit phyiscal walls effectively. There are two options for this set basically, Flamethrower can hit steel types such as ferrothorn and forretress which is pretty nice because tyraniBoah is cool like that. You can use ice beam to hit other ground or dragon types such as switch-ins salamence and gliscor.

      Checks and Counters
      Mainly fighting types such as infernape or lucario wall this set because fighting types are a threat to Boah. Garchomp could also wall this set with a choice banded earthquake, OKOing boah. Scizor can kill off this set with a choice banded uturn, bullet punch, or superpower, which scares off boah, unless boah is in a sub. Basically, anything super-effective walls this set.
    11. Jukain
      kk no problem
    12. Jukain
      hey yo, can you let me in IMI? I'm a TRC exec
    13. Artemus Moniz
      Artemus Moniz
      Please do not forget to fill out a recruit Application and Oath in the SSIS. This is how you will get FULLY accepted.
    14. Artemus Moniz
      Artemus Moniz
      You have a fairly valid point. I think an alliance will do us both good. what do you say?
    15. Artemus Moniz
      Artemus Moniz
      I see you are interested in a business deal? I think we can arrange something. What "services" would you be willing to provide though? Take into consideration that we are an Intelligence Agency and we posses Military and Scientific assests. However as you said yourself, we share a common ally and should therefore be allies ourselves.
    16. Artemus Moniz
      Artemus Moniz
      Welcome to the SSIS! Thank you for joining our community. Please fill out a Recruit
      Application and Oath of Allegiance in the main group so that you may be placed into a position and ofiicially inducted into our ranks. If you have any questions please ask.

      Cmdr. A. Moniz (SSIS)
    17. Raichoice
      So can you let me in? :L
    18. Raichoice
      I was aproved by BattleStar to join your group
    19. Basileus
      It isn't an "incorporation" also, you VM me, not yourself (lol)
    20. Professor Xerilia
      Professor Xerilia
      it is a word..I checked so yeah. (online dictionary btw)

      anyway it is still IMI either way.

      feel free to join tho
    21. Basileus
      Lol, incorperation isn't a word, Inc. stands for "Incorperated."
    22. Professor Xerilia
      Professor Xerilia
      As you can see, I have created the IMI. if you are interested feel free to send out post saying that you want to be in it OK? Or you can just do what people normally do and actual send out a request...but yeah.
    23. NMANDUDE
      ^^ no problem
    24. DR4G0Nx
      well thats absolutely what i meant lol
    25. Professor Xerilia
      Professor Xerilia
      umm..I am not sure what you mean. We do not like trolls here or on the server. Perhaps Shinx and a few mods can be...erratic a times, we always take our roles seriously when we need too. Sorry if that is not what you mean but... yeah.
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