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Feb 6, 2014
Dec 10, 2010
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Feb 6, 2014
    1. Str0ngbad
      You are one hour ahead of me. I'll be free tomorrow by about midnight your time; probably a little before. As for RNG projects, I love to do them but it will just depend on my schedule and stuff at the time. Be sure to ask though. :)
    2. Str0ngbad
      Dude, I totally understand. I just started two jobs a couple weeks ago and have school too. If I hadn't learned during the summer there's no way I could have picked it up now. I'm usually on for a bit at night (11 hours or so from now) but I'll be out of town tonight. I'm not sure if that is a decent time for you or not. Otherwise, I have pretty wide availability on Tuesdays. And don't worry about giving me anything. Lately, I've decided I like RNGing more than battling with the little time I have for the game. It would be a shame if no one used the 'mons I'm making. When you start making your TR team, visit my thread and tell me what you like. I think I have more 5th gen TR stuff than anyone on the site and it is dying to be used.
    3. Str0ngbad
      Also, if you'd like to learn to RNG in fifth gen, I would be happy to help you learn. You have to have either a DS Phat or Lite but no AR is needed.
    4. Str0ngbad
      I have a Relaxed, non-shiny, 0 speed iv Frillish that meets the rest of your specifications. Relaxed and 0 speed since it is already slow and makes a great Trick Room mon. Non shiny because it was one of my first RNGs and I was lazy. :) Anyway, if you want to use it, I won't ask anything in return other than you not trade it to anyone else.
    5. Biosci
      I can help with those BPs if you want, but what are you offering?
    6. Bakus
      No, I meant competitive battling. What is competitive trading? XD

      1 is of course, not an option if you want to do wifi battling. Just a suggestion in case you don't get what you're looking for. 2 is definitely true, and the break will help you of course in getting some free time. I don't RNG while I'm at UNI either, lol. 3 just depends on how you look at it. I merely suggest it because if you're not trading it to anyone else, it'd just be for personal use.

      In any case, I only gave you those suggestions because very few people here are interested in events - and almost all the newer events have been RNG'd as well, lol. There's only one big event that I'm sure everyone will go for, but yeah.
    7. Bakus
      If you're just into competitive battling and not trading, you could try several things to get what you want:

      1) Use a battle emulator - many of those on here do. Pokemon Online is the current one Smogon uses.

      2) The one I suggest - learn how to RNG and become a part of the community :) It's not hard with the resources and help we have available for you :) There are also a multitude of videos available online via youtube :)

      3) Sav your team. You can't ask for it on Smogon, but many other websites allow this.

      Note: When breeding nonRNG, it's best if you have an AR to use the codes fast hatch and quick egg. Alternatively, the first RNG step to get the desired nature on a pokemon is extremely extremely extremely easy on DPPt. From there, you can use an everstone and a Ditto to get better IVs.

      Enjoy your time - I do hope you enjoy it here :)
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    Looking for shiny: Nidoran♂, Vulpix, Lati@s, Roggenrola, Solosis, Ferroseed, Litwick. Ask for details.

    In return, I can provide shiny PkMn (from a Gen IV cart), EV Training, cloning (not Gen V yet), and/or items. PM me! And please, no hacks.
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