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Sep 7, 2016
Nov 15, 2011
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2380 3758 9788 New FC Wobb, Munna, Girafarig Oct 28, 2013

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Sep 7, 2016
    1. Zari
      sorry for not replying until now, I've been extremely busy lately :/

      anyways, anytime today or tomorrow when you catch me on will work :)
    2. Hozu
      Yeah I got a handful of decent ones by SRing.
    3. death the Kid
      death the Kid
      FC: 5243 7107 6046
    4. El Fenomeno
      El Fenomeno
      Can you trade later today? Around 10am GMT (in about 10hrs time)
    5. McMuffins57
    6. Hozu
      Sometimes the game just hates you. Go do something else in-game for a little bit.
    7. Hozu
      That's how they're supposed to be. Nice Chansey.
    8. Cereza
      yea... there are users that know more about gen 3 Pokemon though, you could double check with one of them. User Hozu comes to mind
    9. Cereza
      looks like everything's fine.
    10. Cereza
      the pokemon is private, can't see the image
    11. Im M3
      Im M3
      No problem man :)
    12. Captains
      I could PM you some flawless G4 event pokemon. I have basically all of them. Not nicknamed.
    13. Hozu
      Hm... well you could just keep getting eggs and hope for the best too but I suppose that might take longer.
    14. Hozu
      Yeah you can use an Everstone.

      As for the IVs, once you have the egg with the correct nature/ability you RNG for the IVs. You may want to get a lot of rare candies in advance as you will need to use an IV calculator to see if you hit your frame or not, particularly for the first eggs. Once you get around your target IVs you won't need to as much...

      If you get the wrong IVs simply reset. Do not save at any point during the process unless you want to try for the correct nature/ability again.
    15. Hozu
      Nature and ability are determined at a completely separate time than IVs. So once the old man holds the egg save. The ability and nature is already set, but the IVs are not. Go hatch it. Does it have the nature/abilty? If so reset, then RNG the IVs. If not, then try again with the next egg.

      Egg IVs are right. Assuming that's Emerald breeding non-split. Split/alternate are uncommon and should not be aimed for.
    16. Captains
      Unfortunately no. But since I have rights on all Ninjawes pokemon, I'll happily give you semi-redis rights, allowing you to display it in your thread as 'Non-Redis'.
    17. Loukas
      I am sorry i don't know much about pokecheck cause i don't use it much. I htink you must make an account first and make your pokemon privete there. Also i haven't shifted Latios yet
    18. voodoo pimp
      voodoo pimp
      I really don't know all that much about shiny roamers, I haven't done it myself yet. Sorry :(
    19. Loukas
      No problem
    20. Loukas
      I just hope you are not skiping your shiny frame cause of the rain advancements. Just recheck you may be hitting a hgher jolly frame. Tryi aiming for a higher shiny frame if there is one
    21. Loukas
      I haven't actually rnged one but are you sure you abused your idsid right? Did you input your id/sid there and it says it's the exact frame it's shiny? Are you sure you are hitting the correct frame cause the roamers frames are really hard. Are there other jolly frames nearby?
    22. religiousjedi
      Not the guy to ask; I've never RNGed a shiny roamer in 5th Gen.
    23. El Fenomeno
      El Fenomeno
      So sorry mate (long story). Can you trade now? Just message me when your available. I'm in Hawaii, so its 6.30 here
    24. El Fenomeno
      El Fenomeno
      Can you trade in 12 hours (need to get to the hotel to get wifi)
    25. El Fenomeno
      El Fenomeno
      That's what I meant, if you can trade the Litwick not the Raikou. I'll trade with you later if your available
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    Psii' Poke Warehouse. I now have a small collection of Gen 6 stuff a little lower down in my thread. Hope I have something of interest. ^^

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    IGN: Piers
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