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Sep 10, 2011
Jun 8, 2011
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Sep 10, 2011
    1. RazeHell
      I don't mind the weather.
      In fact, my regular team is a Psuedo Sun team. I was just bored of using it (the team you fought was just a bunch of pokes I threw together).
    2. RazeHell
      Good game.

      It was a really bad idea to let my only Volcarona check die :P
    3. RazeHell
      My Internet "fluctuates".

      Hang on, I'm coming back in.
    4. RespectTheSmeargle
      yeah i thought it was banded lol i saw him and i knew youd send him as a lead so i figred id get an early setup with gyrados knowing youd probably go for some form of set up but when you thunder punched me i was like WTF lol
    5. Pyronix
      Choice banded. Figured most people would try to taunt him out of spikes. So he carrys Fire/thunder punch for taunters and icebeam for dragons. Super power for surprise KO's on darktypes.

      GG, I need to replace Escavalier, slow crap bag is just dead weight. -_-
    6. RespectTheSmeargle
      good game what kind of deoxys-S was that?
    7. PokeFades
      Im calling hax on that flygon, the max speed for it is 328 and my and my sceptile has a speed of 371! there is no way that thing can out speed me!
    8. John7X
      gg to you too and yes he is
    9. St Anger
      St Anger
      gg, that focus blast and night daze miss really cost me.
    10. Speech Aide Meheh
      Speech Aide Meheh
      Hi Pyro, just finished a reply on your Trick Room RMT
      Go check it out!
    11. Crystic
      Great game, man. Made a huge misplay forgetting Trick Room was up. lol
    12. Surannas
      Good Game man. Sorry about the critical midway.
    13. Utopia
      good game
    14. DankDawson
      no i didnt d/c on purpose
    15. Zori~
      alright thats fine :] gg!
    16. Zori~
      mew is ou this gen, actually i think hes RU now which is worse, so do you want to play again or you only have one team?
    17. Zori~
      ill play you again but do you want to use a different team because im going to change mine
    18. Pyronix
      Well now. XD

      Like I said, its cool. I don't even know how to look up my record, so it never bothered me. And banettes performance lead me to modify my strategy a bit for more kick assery lategame. Over all, "official" win or not, it was a great game. Intense bro.
    19. Emperor
      nope, I was going to lose lol
      that's why I asked if you wanted the run .-.
    20. Emperor
      donphan was dead man :x
    21. TheGreatMilenko
      Ah GG, that outrage crit with haxorus lost me the game
    22. Moose159
      thanks for the advice, I'm battling someone else
    23. Pyronix
      na, I'm tired now and you saw most of my tricks. You pretty much won the last one anywho, All I had left was chandelure and you had EQ donphan. Intense battle though, did'nt think banette would get a sweep like that.
    24. Emperor
      I got a d/c on the end of that match bro. You want the run?
    25. Pyronix
      I'm on my way now if you're up for it.
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    White version
    FC-4598 9246 2686
    I use legal hacks and some unreleased DW pokes.
    However, I do not condone nor use imba fucked up pokes such as DW ditto or Shadow tag Shandera.
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