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Oct 3, 2011
Feb 15, 2010
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Oct 3, 2011
    1. xMistyx
      Yeah it was looking to be a good match, I'm so angry at myself haha. Hope to battle another time.
    2. xMistyx
      That Run was a Missclick, I am so sorry!
    3. BlazeMurder
      I have a battle already.
    4. ezequiel6566
      OK I'll be there shortly
    5. GREEN00
      Oh right, I scared Venusaur off with Houndoom. I'm confident Probo, Milotic, and Sceptile could handle your Houndoom, and that Weezing could have handled Hitmontop. I predicted the Manectric switch in, hence the Sludge Bomb. Your team is well balanced, but my current team is admittedly thrown together to to test Weezing, so it had gaps (such as no spin blocker).

      Great game.
    6. GREEN00
      I did not d/c. Out of curiosity, what was your last pokemon? I still had an unrevealed Houndoom.
    7. GREEN00
      Ah, then that is more unfortunate. I decided it was worth the risk however, I was glad to see you use an underated Pinsir lead, if nothing else.

      I hope to battle you in the future, I'm hoping Salamence's tier change causes a power vacuum which goes throughout the tiers so we can have a different UU metagame with different pokemon. Something to change things up before B/W.
    8. GREEN00
      Excellent battle, at least early on, you had me on the run until Houndoom's Toxic. Were you going for Surf that turn? I expected an HP Grass so I stayed in expecting to do high damage to an offensive Milotic. The critical hit the following turn likely didn't matter. At best Milotic and Houndoom both would have been KOed.
    9. thedmanrulz
      oh and with your mamoswine it already had 25% damage due to 3 spikes, look that up mate
    10. thedmanrulz
      im really tempted to send a picture of my zapdos to you, smogon is sometimes wrong about the min and max values, here go here and you'll see http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Zapdos_(Pokémon) mate honsestly its not hacked and im sick of you arguing so believe me or not i dont really care, you can sit back and think about it, hopefully next time you verse someone it wont be like this but do you really think i would argue this hard if it was hacked, have a good one mate im out
    11. thedmanrulz
      its a special d, haha i love how you still think its hacked, maybe you should try get better ivs cause nothing on my team is hacked, look at my stats, impossible, so stop your whinging and next time take a loss instead of complaining. you're lucky im too nice to blacklist you
    12. thedmanrulz
      These are my stats for zapdos : HP 377, A 189, D 201, SA 282, SD 286, Sp 237 - calm nature. i think you will find all the stats under the max
    13. thedmanrulz
      well i can tell you, you are wrong and i took 3 days resetting my ds till i got the right zapdos. maybe you should pick a better team.
    14. Radzinsky
      Dude. I calc'd that hit. physically or specially defensive zapdos can not ohko mamoswine with heat wave. YET that zapdos took less than 40% from raikou's tbolt.
    15. thedmanrulz
      oh and plus your M is 2X weak to fire.
    16. thedmanrulz
      haha are you kidding me, its not hacked, thats the dumbest thing i have ever heard, your M was crap Special D and you took hits from spikes, man you bailing is the softest thing, shows how little skill you have, cant even handle a loss, im tempted to blacklist you
    17. RockinX
    18. RockinX
      The giveaway winners should have them. I didn't obtain it from them, so I cannot help you there.
    19. EFerCor
      any advise it would be much appreciated i am a beginner:/
    20. EFerCor
      thank you i was kind of close:(
    21. EFerCor
    22. EFerCor
      are u in bro?
    23. Chou Toshio
      Chou Toshio
      pester me any time
    24. Chou Toshio
      Chou Toshio
      Hmmm . . . well the first 2 pieces of advice I'd give you:

      1-- You're probably gonna hate this, but try playing a team of just the top 25 OU pokemon. It'll give you a perspective on the scope and power of the best in the metagame. Of course it's not a great team just by slapping OU pokemon togther, but it's just a reference point.

      2-- Eventually, you want to build teams with an objective in mind. You can see I have some gimmicky pokes on my team-- Jolly Choice Scarf Skarmory has actually been really great all day (I just started using it), but the idea is to have a plan, and use pokemon that are best to execute the plan. Mine is a) Set spikes/rocks b) weaken the enemy team, and take out any ghosts (with ttar) c) Lucario Sweep. Outside Lucario, the rest of the team comes in pretty much just to support the plan.

      Have a plan, have an idea of a time line (what will happen in early, mid, late game) build towards the plan, and execute. That will make team building much easier.
    25. Chou Toshio
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