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Jan 19, 2011
Jan 3, 2011
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Jan 19, 2011
    1. Buckert
      Dude, when can I get my Pokémon back?
    2. Klutch
      Yeah, you can use your credit on that Chansey; just VM me whenever you see me online.
    3. Klutch
      You now have 1 credit in my part of the trade thread.
    4. Buckert
      Yo, how are the Porygon's doing?
    5. Buckert
      Oeh, that's creepy! I almost thought you were never getting online here again :( But I'm glad you're OK and that the first one is nearly finished. How many Ribbons does it have? :D
    6. Buckert
      Lol, you are never going to get back online again..
    7. Buckert
      How are the Porygon's doing? :)
    8. bharmalm
      calm.with sesmic toss and counter.
    9. Buckert
      Well, if you are doing this job good (which I don't doubt ^^), I can make sure I list your name in my thread. :)
    10. Buckert
      Cool :D Yeah sure you can have a credit in my thread. :) And nice that you message me how you are doing. :)
    11. Buckert
      Yeah, but you can use the Porygon's in the BT anyway, since they don't gain Exp. there. Sure, just VM me when you are done. :)
    12. Buckert
      Don't know, I thought only 1. :p list of the Ribbons I need is in the post below ^^
    13. Buckert
      So, I will need these Ribbons:

      Sinnoh Champ Ribbon ( Don't use my Pory's in fights so they don't get Exp. points )
      Cool 1 - 4 Contest: Use the moves you like to win them ^^
      Beauty 1 - 4 Contest: ''
      Cute 1 - 4 Contest: ''
      Smart 1 - 4 Contest: ''
      Tough 1 - 4 Contest: ''
      Alert/Shock/Downcast/Careless/Relax/Snooze/Smile Ribbon. For the days, you know
      Legend Ribbon, just defeat Red, but again, don't use my Pory's so they don't get Exp.

      Ability Ribbon: Defeat Palmer first time battle tower
      Great Ability Ribbon: Defeat Palmer second time battle tower
      Double Ability Ribbon: Win 50 Double battles in battle tower
      Multi Ability Ribbon: Win 50 Multi Battles in battle tower
      Pair Ability Ribbon: Win 50 Multi Battles with someone else in battle tower

      World Ability Ribbon: Just forget about this one, think that's pretty impossible >_<

      Effort, Footprint and the 3 you need to pay for, I can do those myself. :) So just try
    14. Buckert
      Not a problem at all! So, add my Pearl FC and I'll be on in 5 min :)
    15. Buckert
      By the way, do you use an Action Replay?
    16. Buckert
      Superb ^^ and if you really want to do 2, that's alright too. When you are done with all the ribbons, you will get a copy of both as payment. So the non-shiny Porygon2 and non-shiny Porygon-Z?
    17. Buckert
      Cool ^^ You also know about the Battle Tower Ribbons? Well maybe I can do those myself. :)

      So, check out my thread which of the 4 HP Fight 70 Porygon's you like to give all the ribbons :)
    18. Buckert
      Well there are ribbons that you can only get at a certain day of the week. (switching time/date on DS doesn't work :p) so it'll take at least 1 week to get them. Besides that, you need to do all the contests with it. I don't mind if you erase the moves, but just make sure they don't get any EXP. Do you think you can do that for me? :)
    19. SolarPowerX
      You're welcome, be sure to thank MattJ for it too. (Not really, he'd probably get annoyed if everyone who got one VM'd him lol)

      Hope you have fun with it.
    20. Buckert
      Cool ^^ Well, The amount they got now varies from 4 to 7, and I need them all to get 39 xD
    21. SolarPowerX
      No problem :]

      I'll head online in a minute. Please use my Platinum FC

    22. SolarPowerX
      Hey there, I was wondering if you wanted to receive the Mew now.
    23. bharmalm
      as you are nwe, you may have it for free =)
    24. bharmalm
      i have a competative bliss, vm if intrested.
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