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Jan 1, 2014
Jul 22, 2012
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Jan 1, 2014
    1. Death Blade99
      Death Blade99
      Ready to trade FC was in our conversation
    2. hockeyguy605
      How about you do 6 Pokemon instead? Four Poliwag that need Icy Wind and Helping Hand, and two Horsea that need Dragon Pulse.
    3. hockeyguy605
      Yeah. When I said 17, I meant 17 Pokemon, some with multiple moves that need to be tutored. That's why I was hoping to get someone with an AR or split it up between multiple people.
    4. hockeyguy605
      I don't want to make you waste time grinding for shards. I assumed that you had an AR for unlimited items. You don't have to do this if you don't want to.
    5. hockeyguy605
      When are you available to trade?

      I need 17 done on 5th Gen by the way. If you're not able to do that, I completely understand, but whatever you're able to do helps.
    6. riddlinkid
      I may be able to later tonight if you're on, around midnight or so (EST). If you can't trade then, it may have to wait until Monday because I'm busy tomorrow.
    7. riddlinkid
      Ok thanks a lot, there's no rush. I went through and bred some randoms for better female parents and mixed up adaptability and anticipation haha and bred a flawless shiny eevee with the wrong ability. I've bred some things with your parents that I haven't updated in the thread yet. Maybe you'd like one of them. They are all shiny, flawless, with DW abilities and necessary egg moves: Timid and Timid HP Ice Vulpix, Jolly and Adamant Heracross, Timid Abra, Jolly and Adamant Mincinno, and a Timid Natu.
    8. riddlinkid
      Hey, I was wondering if you could do a favor for me. I accidentally released my last eevee with the DW ability. Do you think I could get another one from you? You can have something else from my thread if you'd like.
    9. firestorm xl
      firestorm xl
      Did you want a pokemon as payment?
    10. firestorm xl
      firestorm xl
      Alright thanks. Im coming in now.
    11. firestorm xl
    12. firestorm xl
      firestorm xl
      Alright im online now ill be waiting in the wifi room.
    13. firestorm xl
      firestorm xl
      ahh damn I missed you didn't see your message till now
    14. firestorm xl
      firestorm xl
      Alright we'll have to find a time we're both on
    15. hockeyguy605
      Thanks a lot :)
    16. hockeyguy605
      Replace Substitute on my Bisharp with Night Slash and tutor Icy Wind onto my Cresselia in place of Ice Beam.

      I'm on.
    17. hockeyguy605
      Ok. When can you trade? Sorry for the delay. I was eating dinner.
    18. hockeyguy605
      Ok. Which one?
    19. hockeyguy605
      I need one move tutored and one move relearned.
    20. hockeyguy605
      What do you want/need?
    21. riddlinkid
      Awesome. You may as well pick out the rest that you want, and then I can get them all together and hopefully in the next few days we can organize our mass trade. I'm going to be busy the next 8 hours or so, then may get on before I go to bed. Let me know what you come up with.
    22. riddlinkid
      Sorry I forgot to respond...that's fine with me, what move do you want removed from the tyrogue?
    23. riddlinkid
      Sure, I'll breed just about anything so if it's not too much trouble we can do those as well. If we don't get to a number divisible by 3 don't worry, just round up and pick that many and let me know what moves you'd like them to have.
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