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Sep 29, 2010
Jul 6, 2009
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Sep 29, 2010
    1. munchlax8
      Could you look at my trades for your new Timid Suicune, Timid Mewtwo, and Raikou and Entiei? Thanks - munch
    2. -GZ-
      BTW I'm online waiting
    3. -GZ-
      Alright no problem, still an awesome Raikou nonetheless! Best one I've ever seen on Smogon I'd honestly have this great one then another HG/SS emulator RNG'd one hehe.
    4. -GZ-
      Alright I have it cloned I'll be on promptly.
    5. -GZ-
      hey sorry getting it cloned now, just a question, is this raikou semi-redis cause i've seen a lot of ur pokes in other peoples trade threads?
    6. BlueJello
    7. BlueJello
      Come back on Wifi quickly, and stop cancelling the trade. >_<
    8. Syberia
      I saw your question in DMP about how to Pal Park from VBA; if you need to know how to do this, there's a video on my YouTube channel (link in my sig) that explains it. You need a slot-1 flashcart and an Emerald game; that way, you just copy the .sav from your emulator to the Emerald cartridge and Pal Park from that.
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    Pokémon Diamond: n/a​
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    Pokémon Platinum: 0001 9201 1717 - Ben
    Platinum is used for trades unless otherwise specified.
    I'm usually avalible to trade while I appear online.
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    0430 4774 6657
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    0001 9201 1717
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