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Sep 30, 2014
Jul 11, 2010
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Sep 30, 2014
    1. LonelyNess
      let's do it now
    2. Lemonade.
      Hi! I'm GMT-8. Today won't work since I have class, but tomorrow at around 10:30 (2:30 your time) to about 1130 should be good, I'll hop on PS! and look for you or you look for me? My nick is V0x and I have a + so it should be a bit easier to find.
    3. Agammemnon
      Hello sir,
      We're paired for the RandBat BW2 tournament ! I'm currently GMT+2. When do you want to play ? I'm on holidays but unfortunately I'm off internet from today 4pm until friday 11am or so.
      We can play on friday if it suits you! :)
      (If you happen to read this in the next 3 hours, you can look for me on the French Time server (PO) so we can play. Otherwise, we should schedule something)
    4. icepick
      I might've, but it's been years, and I don't have the files anymore, unfortunately.
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