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Jul 7, 2013
Sep 17, 2012
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Jul 7, 2013
    1. Nglittleguy
      get on quick, I dont have much time
    2. Nglittleguy
      you are not on ps
    3. Nglittleguy
      I'm gmt -7 so I'll be on at around 9-10. I know it is not much, but it would be preferable if I could just log on ps and battle you without wasting time. So if you can, be there between you're time periods, and I will show up for a quick battle.
    4. kokoloko
      hello, we're paired up for the lc tourney

      i'm in gmt -4 atm and i'm free after 8:30 PM until about midnight most days. do you use IRC? it'll be much easier to get in touch that way.
    5. New Breed
      New Breed
      Alright then sounds like a plan :]
    6. New Breed
      New Breed
      yo we are opponents for UU mini round 3, Im GMT+11 and you can find me on irc in #genvuu, let me know what times your available to play so we can sort this out
    7. TPO3
      We play for round 2 of the Slumming it in UU tourney. When can you play? I'm GMT-6 and any late evenings work for me.
    8. ModestGarchomp
      Okay i am battle tower since the main server lags/ gives me trouble to me
    9. ModestGarchomp
      yeah what server
    10. FireMage
      Shoot me a VM When you're ready, relaunched, or just pop onto irc and find me there if I don't appear to be responding. (#neverused, #pokemon, #smogon, #smogonwifi)
    11. ModestGarchomp
      hey man we have to play the random tour. i am gmt-5 and will be avialble for all of the weekend. You can find me on Po with the same name.
      When can you play?
    12. FireMage
      8am your time? That's dedication. I'm sure it will be alright for me (it's around 4pm my time) I'll let you know if I can't battle for whatever reason.
    13. FireMage
      If we set up an arbitrary Time of Midday your time (which will be 8pm my time) on Saturday would you be up for that?
    14. FireMage
      Hey relaunched thanks for VM'ing me! I'm free a great deal of the time - it's all boils down to when is better for you - ideally not the latter end of when you're free as that would be 1amish for me (my timezone is GMT) And I'd have to build my team.
    15. Ada
      You can take the win.
    16. DetroitLolcat
    17. DetroitLolcat
      Want to play now?
    18. Cherub Agent
      Cherub Agent
      sure, I'm CherubAgent on main. i'm voiced
    19. Alf'
      Are you on the main server ? I don't see you on

      Edit: nvm, I see you
    20. Alf'
      Wanna play now ?
    21. Cherub Agent
      Cherub Agent
      hey we're paired up for the type restriction tourney, round 2. i'm GMT+1 and generally on after 5 pm, when is ok for you?
    22. Alf'
      oops my bad, don't see "your time", sry. Well that's more simple in this case.
    23. Alf'
      wow big difference here. If we can schedule something around 4PM your time, it means 1am my time. Friday sounds good for that.
    24. Alf'
      Yo, we're opp for random tourney, whend o you want to play ? I'm GMT+1
    25. DetroitLolcat
      I can play around 5 PM your time on weekdays. Friday would be my preferred day to play.
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