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Rename Card
Last Activity:
Apr 7, 2016
Jun 13, 2009
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Apr 19, 1984 (Age: 32)
We Meet Again

Rename Card

32, from We Meet Again

Rename Card was last seen:
Apr 7, 2016
    1. Wild Eep
      Wild Eep
      That's a relief. Good luck with your busy things and have a good night!
    2. Flora
      Hi Wild Eep!

      And I was just wild guessing at your future. That's cool that you'll eventually be joining us in gen 5 trading though!
    3. Wild Eep
      Wild Eep
      Look, it's Rename Card. Is your IRC dead again?
    4. Flora
      Mm, yeah, but it looks like the RNG is a bit more complicated than before.

      For example, I've saved before an egg that yields a Timid Flash Fire Houndour. First try, I get 31/31/31/0/0/0 and I didn't want it so I soft resetted. Second try, from the "same egg", I get Impish Early Bird blah blah. The eggs aren't the same anymore and it seems something else is controlling the information. This also makes getting the "right" ability + nature harder in conjunction with good IVs.

    5. Flora
      I'm on the Grammar-Prose team in C&C, so I usually have my hands full there.

      But otherwise, the same as ever. Going to college, etc.

      I'm also probably going to start trading some gen 5 mons (I just bumped our thread lololol). Hopefully some goodies will pop out from that.
    6. Flora
      i'm still a flower!

      but the smell depends on the smeller. i could be a wicked, disgusting little rafflesia. or, i could be a sweet smelling rose.
    7. Flora
      ahhhh she flew off in space. never saw her again. that poor child...
    8. Deschain
    9. FriDanny
    10. Muk
    11. Muk
      nope, you can actually save right in front of the circles where you get the pokemon (after you get transported to the sinjoh ruins). Just hit the seed, advance the frame to one before the target, and step into the circle/watch the cutscene thing/have the poke given to you. You can use the pokegear from there too lol, so it's really easy

      if you didn't already know they're method 1 gift pokemon btw
    12. Flora
      naughty chikoritas
    13. Jubilee
      Wow, go me.
    14. Jubilee
      What if I said I was left handed? (Which I am)
    15. Jubilee
    16. Jubilee
      Slow and steady wins the race.
    17. Jubilee
      Im what shes dreaming of.
    18. Flora

      all of mine make drowzees faint
    19. Flora
      Ohh, what kind of dreams???
    20. Deschain
      i will NOT ste [sic] it up a notch mister.

      new computer, and i'm taking a break from instant messengers right now. >.>
    21. Deschain
    22. ItsTrue
      Oh ok.
      I have never been to the states myself, haha.
    23. ItsTrue
      Moving to a new place within the same city?
    24. ItsTrue
      My gosh, things got busy again.... I hardly went on lately. Hope that you are doing well: )
    25. Pehu
      Thank you, my friend. 27 fuckin years, man!!
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    [13:51] <macle> god damn wifiers


    Apr 19, 1984 (Age: 32)
    We Meet Again
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