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Oct 17, 2012
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The Black Sun., from France

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If there's a hell below we're all going to go Nov 30, 2014

    1. Arikado
      Wanna take a look ?
    2. gengarsnemisis
      Hey Remedy, I'm sorry I never acknowleged your rate its just I was at the point where I didn't wanna change the team much anymore and was not really playing it, I did test your changes and made a competely seperate team with it;lol, but it was greatly appreciated so I wanted to thank you. Also I love your latest team especially that scizor set, its really cool. cya around man :)
    3. ganj4lF
      Sorry for the late edit but you know, I have a life outside smogon :p
    4. Viktor24
      You didn't mention that bluffing a choice set was your purpose so I thought you were using the classic set.
    5. Viktor24
      Jirachi has been deleting my posts. I don't get why.
      Ok. I suggested using bug bite over U-turn on your scizor. That was the post.
    6. Chirac
      T'inquiète c'était une boutade, je faisais référence à Vinc26125046825443031.
    7. Chirac
      Ah, probablement un autre mec déjà registered avec ce pseudo.
      T'aurais pu prendre des random numbers derrière, ça aurait été drôle.
    8. Chirac
      Une question que je me pose depuis un moment, pourquoi il manque ce y après le premier e ?
    9. LilOuOn
      Im in #pokemon and #dogbirds. Let me reset my modem cause it is getting laggy. I'll be waiting!
    10. LilOuOn
      "Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to"

      Huh, can I find you in IRC?
    11. LilOuOn
      Hey Remedy! I can battle in 3 hours and a half. How about you?
    12. Dr Ciel
      Dr Ciel
      Hiya, Remedy, can you drop a rate for my latest RMT when you have the time?
    13. Kidogo
      Are you free in the next 3ish hours to play? I'll be off for like half an hour and then back on for a couple at least, so we can play soon if you're good.
    14. Kidogo
      hey man, when you good to play for mini-tour? I have exams this week through thursday, so friday after 3ish or some time this weekend might work better for me. I'm GMT-8, let me know when works for you!
    15. gengarsnemisis
      heyyyy Remedy! if you have time wanna drop a rate on my team? thanks :)
    16. Matt Tuck
      Matt Tuck
    17. Bryce
      LOL,something came up and I missed you as well and was about to VM you the same thing.Anyway,tomorrow sounds good.I'll be on around 1pm and 6:30 pm at your time.
    18. Bryce
      Sure.Since we're both on lets do it now.Send me a VM after you read this.Showdown's not loading for some reason.I'll be on Groudon's Grotto on PO.
    19. Bryce
      We're paired up for the team style tournament.I'm GMT+6,when can you play?
    20. ATLRhyno
      Hey you want to battle my gym? My fc is 4084 3341 7384
    21. Master of Toad
      Master of Toad
      Fair enough sry I mighty have over looked that =P
    22. Master of Toad
    23. Cygnis
      can u rate my team return of hyper offense its ou
      thx bro
    24. Arceus Nui
      Arceus Nui
      Hey, when you have time, can you drop by and give my team a rate? Thanks
    25. Blizzard
      Nice! Garchomp's gor choice band though...with SD.
      Should i change it to LO or Yache berry?

      And thanks. never thought you would do it, lol!
      i'll definitely try it out.
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