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RioT X
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Jul 14, 2011
Feb 26, 2011
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RioT X

from Texas

RioT X was last seen:
Jul 14, 2011
    1. Alf'
      Man,if you were connected yesterday, why you don't answer me for the pro-choice...
    2. DeathxShinigami
      That didn't help, Just got off work right about now and I just saw your message. Can we do this sometime over the weekend?
    3. DeathxShinigami
      Hi, we're paired up for the pro-choice tournament. My timezone is GMT -7 What's yours and when is a good time to do our match?
    4. zarator
      My bad I realized you sent it already, sorry
    5. zarator
      Hello, I'd like to inform you that, if you don't PM me your Strikeout Pokémon for the Round 1 of Strikeout Tournament: Black/White edition within approximately 20 hours, you are going to be replaced with a substitute.
    6. Seven Deadly Sins
      Seven Deadly Sins
      Coin toss? Are you kidding? You set a time, I agreed, you straight up didn't show. I wanted to battle, you failed to.

      I will be very disappointed if this goes to coin toss.
    7. Seven Deadly Sins
      Seven Deadly Sins
      sorry bro, you shit the bed on this
      i'm out of town on friday, so either you better get on right damn now or the battle isn't happening
    8. Seven Deadly Sins
      Seven Deadly Sins
      (oh, i'm on as VOLCANO BAKEMEAT)
    9. Seven Deadly Sins
      Seven Deadly Sins
      it's time, you ready?

      i'm on smogon server
    10. Celsius
      hi are you here ?
    11. Pancham
      Why thank you, loyal GLambert. <3 :)
    12. Celsius
      Sorry i got a problem with my computer . i'll see you a next time this week . In the same clock .
    13. Pancham
      Of course I am.
    14. Darkrai1171
      did you DC? I know i didnt
    15. Darkrai1171
      agh sorry about hax! :( they are brutalll :x
    16. Raging Delibird
      Raging Delibird
      well only one pokemon gets sand rush, which is very different from 3-5 swift-swimmers. also while clyorophyl olny doubes speed, rain also boosts stab on the water types that get it. there are other reasons too, such as which pokemon get the abilities, but the main thing is that none of these teams put you under as much pressusre as a swiftswim/drizzle team.
    17. Raging Delibird
      Raging Delibird
      gg, I played really badly such as sacking my heatran.
    18. Raging Delibird
      Raging Delibird
      damn it meant to click ice beam with deoxis
    19. ejhDrChoch
      WTF is with your signature? ull DC on weather? its a strategy...make your own weather team jerk
    20. Raging Delibird
      Raging Delibird
      what do you mean when you say that you'll DC on weather teams because of hypocritical rules? I'm not using one against you, however I don't understand what you mean. also does that include hail?
    21. truevillany
      good for you... i dont battle dc'ers... next time just take your loss like a man or run away... or better yet... specify by saying uu or mix... i already know your ou team is decent... but your reputation aint quite as good anymore... someone who is as good as you say you are has some class and wont dc.... if you thought it was such a bad situation... you shoulda done the right thing and dc'd immediately... not after your losing...
    22. U Mad?
      U Mad?
      GG dude. What kind of set is that?
    23. U Mad?
      U Mad?
      And I really don't have time for stalling. I got babys to kiss and bitches to catch
    24. U Mad?
      U Mad?
      If my hydro pump had hit that thing would be gone by now
    25. U Mad?
      U Mad?
      I hate cocky battlers who get tons of haxs:D
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    I use Pokegen, deal with it.


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