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Rocket Grunt
Mar 30, 2009
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New York

Rocket Grunt

✁ - - - - - - - - - - - - -, Male, from New York

is an Artist
    1. Doran Dragon
      Doran Dragon
      best of luck man! I just hope i get to the second poll, as that will be a big jump for me. At least this is the greatest amount of votes in the art poll at least, and that makes me happy!
    2. SalTheThief
      yo i'm bout to bang the shit out of this on my speakers

      yeah finish your verse ):
    3. Doran Dragon
      Doran Dragon
      Yes! You made it! Also, I just now realized the spike comming out of it's mouth is the bee's stinger...im slow arent I? lol
    4. SalTheThief
      man grum why'd you take down your raps ):

      i have that raticate rap stuck in my head
    5. Doran Dragon
      Doran Dragon
      RG! 48 HOUR WARNING! I want yours in the poll so i can vote for it a billion times!
    6. Ulttimaa
      so uh

      me, sal, dis and samo are all done with our verses

      and the chorus is done

      that is on skype
      if you guys get on skype and shit we can help you with your verse
    7. Nanoswine
      I haven't battled OU in a while either, but Politoed brings rain which Ferrothorn likes because it cuts down its Fire weakness, and Ferrothorn takes Electric and Grass moves for Toed? Other than that idk :1
    8. Ulttimaa
      so how about that verse
    9. Nanoswine

      [HIDE]me too

      we suck :<[/HIDE]
    10. Nanoswine
      k wanna work on it Monday?
    11. Fisdunction
      grumbl 2 grumbl

      were da white vers @ ??
    12. Ulttimaa
      hey you fuckin


      work on your verse with boro

      talk to him
      and WRITE it


      jk grumbler i love you please don't be mad but work on your verse please ty
    13. Doran Dragon
      Doran Dragon
      Yeah, i dont know if you saw my latest update, but i added legs and a little more to the dress. it looks a lot better, i like it more and more the more i update it. perhaps i should look to simplify it a bit now.
    14. Doran Dragon
      Doran Dragon
      a brain sounds real cool. Id love to see that, even if it doesnt work.

      Ill add a pair of legs, It would probably end up feeling more solid. I was thinking of having the Weak Armor being the gold accessories. I may have to add more to make it really feel like armor...I've also been hearing add more colors, so im gonna add an indigo. Im not sure about other colors though
    15. Doran Dragon
      Doran Dragon
      I was thinking no legs, but i could have the cloak cover the abdomen...

      hmm, what if the worm had some rune armor on him? could work for weak armor or whatever won.
    16. Doran Dragon
      Doran Dragon
      I was thinking puppet master, but i couldnt figure out how to do it well, but I fleshed out my Gypsy Mantis and i love it so much more than my ant.

      Now your design

      holy shit your design. I love it so much. and your bee? fucking cutest megaman boss ive ever seen!
    17. Himanattsu
      your design for cap4 is great. it can forgo the tank driver to do its ability "no guard" to
    18. Doran Dragon
      Doran Dragon
      yeah. I want to make my ant more psychic looking. right now it looks like just a plain old ant. Though I guess i can convey it through colors i guess.
    19. Doran Dragon
      Doran Dragon
      people have been pressuring me to make a meditating praying mantis, but i cant seem to figure out how to do it. However...I have designed a female Praying mantis with incense for antenna
    20. Doran Dragon
      Doran Dragon
      Thanks man! You should totally submit something if you have time. You're always full of amazing ideas!
    21. Ulttimaa
      boro said you were ferrothorn

      also if you get on skype we can help you with shit
      that's what the call is for, to bounce ideas back and forth
    22. Ulttimaa
      rocket cunt

      you need to get on skype so we can figure out your rap name for the song
    23. v
      i saw on dan's wall you do d&d so you should be part of MY rpg, v&v
    24. Nanoswine
    25. Nanoswine
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