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Aug 26, 2014
Aug 14, 2010
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Aug 11, 1995 (Age: 20)


20, from Toronto

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Aug 26, 2014
    1. Brotom
      oh not for a while. it'll be fine.
    2. Brotom
      Hey bro we have two tournaments to play for. Omaha and OU Cavalry. I'm GMT-5 and I like playing later at night. When can I find you? I have my teams built for both, but I'm a fast teambuilder. if you need time, let me know.
    3. Bald Accountant
      Bald Accountant
      Sorry your wifi is down.
      We have a program called deep freeze on our computer which keeps us from getting viruses, but I have to re-download PO everytime we restart. I am downloading it right now. Do you want to battle PO in a little while?
    4. Bald Accountant
      Bald Accountant
      Hey, thanks for joining BABA. I am bald accountant of course.
      What aspects of pokemon/smogon do you like best?
      Do you battle more on PO or WIFI?
      I battle more on GBU/WIFI and I prefer triples. I am a pretty average battler (except on triples), but I would rather battle and lose thatn not battle at all.
      I like to have fun and spam. I also pokesav, so if you think that is cheating, I am sorry, but if you need pokes, let me know.
      Look forward to battling sometime!
    5. Delko
      Yeah sure
    6. Trinitrotoluene
      Cool. I'm writing another RMT.
    7. Trinitrotoluene
    8. Trinitrotoluene
      I just noticed that you nominated my team for the Archive. Thanks!
    9. mario5


      Ubisoft tipped us off to a new Flash game they've made to promote Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands. Now, it may just be that I've been playing a lot of Tomena Sanner lately but I think this is damn good.

      You can check out the game here. I do recommend it. A surprisingly fun diversion, this.

      Flash Games for Teenagers
      Games for Kids
      Arcade games
      Adventure games
      Casino games
    10. Faladran
      Sure, I've just finished it.
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    Aug 11, 1995 (Age: 20)
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    Somewhat stubborn
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    2580 9369 8642
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