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I don't see the point in you guys spamming this if I quit already. May 20, 2015

    1. Danilo
      dont worry about it. tell me when you finish the team o_o
    2. Danilo
      get on the GROTTO n_n
    3. Danilo
      when u get back on just message me
    4. Antar
      That's really strange. I haven't had anyone else report that problem. I really don't know what to tell you.
    5. Danilo
      damn sorry man i cant do it today. i have to prepare for an interview that i forgot about. are u free tomorrow around now but 3 hours earlier??? ill FOR SURe be free then
    6. Danilo
      i cant do it right now. can u do in like 2 hours
    7. Danilo
      do you want a session tonight?
    8. Antar
      So you can copy/paste from PS to Notepad and from Notepad to sim2pkm... just not directly from PS to sim2pkm?
    9. Danilo
      under what name?
    10. Danilo
      meet me on groudon's grotto so we can start tutoring
      if you're available
    11. Antar
      No, I mean how is it that you're trying to paste? As in, are you hitting Ctrl-V? Or are you trying to do something else? I don't think sim2pkm supports any other paste method than hitting Ctrl-V.

      If THAT'S not working, make sure you can paste into other applications, like Notepad. And check for me whether you can paste FROM other applications, like Notepad.
    12. Antar
      What operating system? And how are you trying to paste?
    13. Danilo
      are u able to ladder on po O_O
    14. Danilo
      okay neat see you then
      in the mean time i suggest taking a team from here and trying finding some games on the ladder. if you still cant get on the main server trying watching some games on youtube. just search adv ou game and you'll find some pretty good stuff
    15. Danilo
      okay if you're on in about 6-7 hours we can start then. is that okay for you?
    16. Danilo
      ill tutor u tomorrow if that's fine
      im really tired O_O
    17. Danilo
      do u have pokemon online?
    18. Danilo
      go to irc
      u cant play adv on showdown
    19. Danilo
      im teaching you adv this round for b101.
      if you're on after the smogon tour tomorrow we can start lessons
      im gmt-4
    20. Seton
      pop up message with error. BTW, u were going to win the battle, didn't have anything to stop crawdaunt
    21. morningsun
      I'm really sorry. I missed your post on the Mayor of the Molehill thread. I just saw it today. If you're still interested in taking me on though, I'll be on for most of today, and, even if I'm not, drop me a VM when you're on. I tend to log on and off a lot, so I'll probably see it soon enough.
    22. Ultra247
      Sure FC: 4256-0708-1205

      see you there
    23. Bald Accountant
      Bald Accountant
      I am having company tonight, and then we are painting, I will try to catch up with you some othertime.
    24. Gotenks4star
      Hey you battle LC i see! Id love to battle ya sometime
    25. UtilityMane4
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