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Jan 1, 2008
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ORAS HYPE Nov 21, 2014 at 7:42 PM

    1. SS Watson
      SS Watson
      Sure, but My AR comes back tomorrow from my friend, so whilst I can receive it I can't clone it till tomorrow.
    2. SS Watson
      SS Watson
      Not well known, but you can ask captains he can tell you that I am efficient and reliable. I ev train with wings, and can also level up them if necessary.
    3. FSLAR
      None of the files work. You were supposed to nn them in the name of the ROM :/ e.g, if the ROM is named 'Pokemon Platinum (U)' you name the .sav file 'Pokemon Platinum (U).sav'
    4. FSLAR
      email, which I'll send to you over a PM
    5. FSLAR
      You're in luck. I have a flashcart :] if you give me the .sav, I can handle things for you.
    6. FSLAR
      Put the .sav file on the flashcart, and head into the union room, then trade it to a legit 4th Gen game. Or go on wifi and I can handle it for you.
      The .sav file needs to be the same name as the emulator
    7. FSLAR
      I'm not sure how to get Pokemon from a flashcart to a legit cartridge dirrectly, but I have a work around since you can't pokeshift from ROMs.
      to get stuff from 3rd gen to 4th, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0RkljY3UMw. Then you can put it on a flashcart, trade to a legit game and pokeshift from there. I could help with shifting
    8. Exploits
    9. Zarel
      It's back up.
    10. Zarel
      Working on it, gosh <_<
    11. Exploits
      I have that Treecko. What are you willing to give up?
    12. Exploits
    13. labarith
      Sorry I missed you - conference last week.
      Maybe we can sync up this weekend.
    14. labarith
      Sorry I missed you - this afternoon?
    15. labarith
      Sounds good. :)
    16. labarith
      Not dead - distracted. :?

      Are you free tonight? Sorry for the delay...

      And yeah, I have a couple of new BPs I want to get done... when don't I. :)
    17. labarith
      Cool! Are you free to trade now? I'll be ready in a few minutes...
    18. labarith

      I suppose we better get some good use out of him!

      How's Tentacruel coming?
    19. labarith
      Encore'd be fine. None of the sets use any of those moves - but Encore and the others were on the same pokemon, so I figured to go for gold just in case.

      And I'd strongly prefer 0 in attack. It reduces confusion damage and nerfs Power Trick. It's not as bad as not having 0 for a trick room guy's speed IV, but it's a dangerous oversight nonetheless. :)
    20. labarith
      Will remove it now that you've taken interest. :)
      Female (shiny or not) Abra Magic Guard (DW) Timid 31/0/31/31/31/31 w/ egg moves: Encore, Barrier, Guard Swap
      Both of these sets look good:
    21. labarith
      Updated "BP wishlist" in my thread. :) You should have a look.
    22. labarith
      Sweet! I'd love to EV all of those sets! Just make sure they're female w/ 0 attack (unless you want to do a HP... but I don't think there's any good HPs...)

      I'm editting my thread to remove them.

      For reference:
      Timid Rain Dish (DW) Female tentacool 31/0/31/31/31/31 Egg Moves: Rapid Spin - for subtoxicset: http://www.smogon.com/bw/pokemon/tentacruel

      Calm Rain Dish (DW) Female tentacool 31/0/31/31/31/31 Egg Moves: Rapid Spin for uber set: http://www.smogon.com/bw/pokemon/tentacruel/uber
    23. labarith
      It allows you to fully train lv 100 pokemon. Thus it's cool.
    24. labarith
      Wings from one of the bridges give 1EV (past the 100 vitamin limit) for each wing. 900x item code, and Eving is simple.

      And I can fill up your RNG slots fairly easily - don't worry.
    25. labarith
      Remember I only really EVed one, re-EVed my ninetails (I had the 4 in HP - it'd Spdefense is already bigger than it's defense I think).

      But yeah, if you want I could clone your guy and de-EV him if you'd prefer. :)

      What're your next EVing projects? I sort of want to try a phasing team, but I need the impish? gyarados and the 0 speed forretress (perhaps on G4, since I think Stealth Rocks should be an option).

      But yeah - I can usually EV a team of 6 guys in an hour w/ wings/vitamins. Teaching moves takes longer as I need to trade things to black because I don't have all of the TMs on white (but do between the two games), and RCing can take a while.

      RC/full moveset of 6 guys would probably take ~ 2 hours as I have it now. Maybe I should try to get all the TMs on white. :)
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