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Jan 1, 2008
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    1. labarith
      Wings from one of the bridges give 1EV (past the 100 vitamin limit) for each wing. 900x item code, and Eving is simple.

      And I can fill up your RNG slots fairly easily - don't worry.
    2. labarith
      Remember I only really EVed one, re-EVed my ninetails (I had the 4 in HP - it'd Spdefense is already bigger than it's defense I think).

      But yeah, if you want I could clone your guy and de-EV him if you'd prefer. :)

      What're your next EVing projects? I sort of want to try a phasing team, but I need the impish? gyarados and the 0 speed forretress (perhaps on G4, since I think Stealth Rocks should be an option).

      But yeah - I can usually EV a team of 6 guys in an hour w/ wings/vitamins. Teaching moves takes longer as I need to trade things to black because I don't have all of the TMs on white (but do between the two games), and RCing can take a while.

      RC/full moveset of 6 guys would probably take ~ 2 hours as I have it now. Maybe I should try to get all the TMs on white. :)
    3. labarith
      Why do you need to RNG him again? (and if you do, do a female for crying out loud... then again, I think I might have someone else's female w/ those stats already if you want it).

      If you want me to clone + EV wipe one for your thread, I can. But, generally speaking, people would rather have the EVed one anyways...
    4. labarith
      1. I didn't clone... but I have the original UT females because I cloned my already EVed females I got from you much, much earlier - we had the same movesets.
      2. Coming back online w/ the 3 UT ones I have. Sorry about the Gligar...
    5. labarith
      Coming online w/ all 4.
    6. Rugaji
      Alright. I'll leave Scyther for another time.. too damn lazy to RNG in 4th gen.
    7. labarith
      Almost done w/ the 4. Just need to check moves.
    8. labarith
    9. labarith
      I think I already have the Salamence, Ninetales, and Poliwag done up. :P I'm going to have to trade them to white to check the IVs, but I already checked the OT and they're yours. :)

      I might need to do some trading between B/W to get the moves right, but I'm going to try to be done on the hour.
    10. labarith
      They do "down to lv 50", but not "up to lv 50 and 100" for wifi battles.

      I've tossed some berries on these junk guys (Forretress might be worth keeping for breeding fodder).
    11. Rugaji
      Let me put it like this. I have never played BW online Singles. Do they have the Level 50 and 100 options as DP?
    12. labarith
      Online now.
    13. labarith
      Make sure the Tentacool's female - I'll want one. :)

      I'll go on with my white now. Do you want them at lv. 50 or 100?
    14. labarith
      I'll be free in ~ 10 minutes. You'll want to give me the EVs, movesets, and lv you want them at (I usually stop at lv 50 if they've learned all of their moves, that way it's not an absolute waste to take them out in-game and beat the elite 4 when you're bored).
    15. labarith
      Sounds good. I should be relatively free tonight if you've got some sets you'd like done up.

      Meanwhile I just found out my relaxed Forrettress has 31 in speed and was EVed oddly on G4. :/

      Then again, it's not like I don't have a half dozen guys to EV of my own. I Tutored Ice Punch onto a lucario that I need to EV in G5... should be interesting.
    16. Rugaji
      Oh yeah, awesome sounds like a good deal. Takes a load off my back. :)
    17. labarith
      Yeah - AR really cuts down on Battle Subway time.

      That said, I can EV/RC/TM your guys if you want. Maybe in exchange for yet more BPs. :)
    18. labarith
      The Seels non-redis, from my thread.
      The Arceus, I think, is freely redis. I think it's flawless, but haven't pokeshifted/checked yet.
      Oddish is an event w/ bad IVs - do whatever you want w/ it.

      I had totally forget you needed clones back, and just taught it some TMs so it wouldn't have tackle in my thread. :P

      Thanks again for the RNGs! You do good work, sir!
    19. labarith
      I think the dragon event ends today today (according to serebi.net)... so hury up! :)
    20. labarith
      I hope you like them. Victini RNGed those rayquaza, and they're pretty kickass!

      Thanks for the Riolu and "Red Rum"... I'll look them over later. (24 boxes is not enough - if not for BW2, I might have to make some tough choices soon...)

      Is Haze really that good on Zekrom? I think I did up the one I traded for as a normal set, and just bluffed Haze. I need a Reshiram to bluff the event move too.
    21. Exploits
    22. labarith
    23. labarith
    24. labarith
      They're the event Rayquaza. Coming back w/ clones - SORRY!
    25. labarith
      Sorry about that - darned connection troubles. Anyways, I hope you can use these dragons... :)
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