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Apr 21, 2014
Nov 17, 2013
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Oct 18, 1989 (Age: 26)



Feel free to PM me about hatching eggs with a shiny value of 3468. Nov 18, 2013

RupeeClock was last seen:
Apr 21, 2014
    1. Dcnaufal
      Hi ,Can You Help Me To hatch my egg?
      FC :2809-8313-7384 IGN: Akio
    2. Jorge Moreira
      Jorge Moreira
      Hi there, Can you help me hatch an eevee egg pls, my fc is 0173-2598-7297
      Tyvm. If want email jorgemoreira2102@gmail.com when you online easier!
    3. RupeeClock
      Feel free to PM me about hatching eggs with a shiny value of 3468.
      1. cecillia
        Hi !! i GOT a egg with SV 3468 ~Would u plz hatch it for me ~~Thank you !! I have a high IV honedge as gift !!~~~
        Nov 23, 2013
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    Pokémon X Trainer SV: 3468 - IGN: RupeeClock - 3DS Friend Code: 2019-9640-6656
    Feel free to PM me if you have an egg with a matching SV. I will receive an email notification and respond as soon as I see it.
    If you leave a message on my profile however, I am unlikely to see it, please PM me instead.


    Oct 18, 1989 (Age: 26)
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