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Feb 18, 2013
May 27, 2005
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Feb 18, 2013
    1. A e t h e r
      A e t h e r
      Oh, I probably won't have my copy until the end of this month. :/

      It's all good, though.
    2. A e t h e r
      A e t h e r
      How are you doing? o:
    3. ~Green~
      neither are mine :) im missimg to very vital parts to my team
      EDIT: wow fail i meant im missing two very vital parts to my team
    4. ~Green~
      would you like to battle?
    5. xElite
      Yeah. They're free. I can't trade right now, though. :(
    6. ~Green~
      hey Sabregirl thanks for friending me :)
    7. Timeneon
      thats good if u want help use iv calcs like metalkid e.t.c. it makes yr job easier as they're lv100
    8. Timeneon
      if yr gonna do that i suggest a wireless battle wifi and wireless battles are kinda similar
    9. xElite
      Enjoy. :)
    10. xElite
      Well, it'd be cool to have one shiny and not shiny? Some people think it is.

      Do I take your HGSS FC? I have your Eevee egg on my Soul Silver, FC: 5414-3830-9494.

      Edit: Derp, we already added each other. I'll be going on WiFi.
    11. xElite
      Got your Eevee egg! Modest, 31/6/30/30/30/30 IVs. When your husband hatches it, it'll come out regular in the hatch animation, but upon viewing the summary it'll be shiny. Sorry about that. I wanted it to be shiny when you hatched it, lol. Let me clone the egg.

      Would you like this Eevee to be redistributable?
    12. xElite
      I'm facepalming so hard right now on the Eevee. I screwed up twice because I didn't have "HGSS inheritance" checked off on the RNG reporter. lol
    13. xElite
      I keep on messing up tonight with the Eevee. I'll finish RNG abusing the IVs tomorrow, alright? Sorry for taking so long. :(
    14. xElite
      Ha ha. When I'm done, I'll give you two eggs. Be sure to trade one to your husband so he can hatch it shiny.
    15. xElite
      Don't worry, I got them. I RNG abused the nature. It's modest, female, and will hatch shiny when you hatch it. Just RNG abusing the IVs right now.

      I also have your SID if you need it. Well, if the Eevee you gave me was yours that is.
    16. Sabregirl
      Yeah I figured as much, I'm just not sure I have a preference on gender. If you feel like it, a fast (modest) and slow one (quiet) would be awesome. :P
    17. xElite
      Well, I'm RNG abusing it. I can pretty much get it exactly how you want. 5414-3830-9494 is my FC. I'm assuming yours is in the "About Me" section, so I'll add that one.
    18. xElite
      I can breed it now if you want. Insomnia ftw?

      Just a few quick questions. What nature would you like it to be? Male or female? Would you like to hatch it yourself? And would you like it to be shiny when you hatched it?
    19. xElite
      Hey, when you get the parent with Faketears and Wish let me know. It would obviously need it to be male.
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