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Sato Higurashi
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Apr 27, 2012
Nov 22, 2010
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Sato Higurashi

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Apr 27, 2012
    1. acetrainerzx
    2. acetrainerzx
      I can give you all of them except for the Porygon.
    3. Bubble Head
      Bubble Head
      lol ok thanks.Enjoy the Zapdos too :)
    4. Bubble Head
      Bubble Head
      no prob :) and please add this as well.lol forgot that my FC in sig is the old one XP
      4555 6225 6477

      i'll wait in wifi :)
    5. Lord Scalgon
      Lord Scalgon
      No prob, and well, do whatever you want with it. There's already other people who have this in their trade threads, so yeah. It is, if not, one of the best candidates for a Trick Room team. And as for viewing my thread, go for it - everyone is welcome. :)
    6. Lord Scalgon
      Lord Scalgon
      Just took a bathroom break while you were trading, but anyway, thanks! Enjoy the Eruptran, too. :)

      (Not to forget to mention you have semi-redis rights to this Heatran)
    7. Lord Scalgon
      Lord Scalgon
      That's fine...I'll wait while you're doing your trades.
    8. Lord Scalgon
      Lord Scalgon
      Alrighty, I'll add your FC and head to Wi-fi right now.

      (again, I use Platinum FC)
    9. Lord Scalgon
      Lord Scalgon
      Alrighty, I'll wait, and let me know when you get your new FC. I just got back from a trade involving the Eruptran, so yeah.

      EDIT: Thought I'd mention this, but I know you're new to Smogon and all, but try not to double/triple post...there's an edit button for a reason.
    10. Lord Scalgon
      Lord Scalgon
      I heard...that's fine. In that case, I'll replace that with the shiny Rotom of yours, if that's ok with you.
    11. Lord Scalgon
      Lord Scalgon
      Hm...never checked Wi-fi, but I'll take your word for it. Alrighty then, as always, take your time.
    12. Lord Scalgon
      Lord Scalgon
      No prob, and alrighty, take your time. I'm only on for a while before I gotta do some schoolwork...then I'll be back on afterwards.
    13. Lord Scalgon
      Lord Scalgon
      Good start, just posted on your thread. :)

      EDIT: Hey, I just got home, so if you want to do the trade now, we can do it.
    14. Lord Scalgon
      Lord Scalgon
      Sure, the more the merrier.
    15. Lord Scalgon
      Lord Scalgon
      Oh, I see. No prob, here to help. :)

      It's a nice community as long as you follow the rules and such, and make sure you don't end up blacklisted.
    16. Lord Scalgon
      Lord Scalgon
      No prob, and well, let's see...don't be a douchebag, be nice to everyone, and as for trade threads, once you acquire at least several poke's, you can start a small trade thread. Make sure your future trade thread isn't vague...look at other trade threads for references. Come to think of it, when I first started, I only had four wondercard poke's I RNG'd for trade, and now look at where I am, which a huge load of poke's. For redistributables, always credit the OT of the poke. I mean, the actual username, not ingame OT. Also, maybe eventually, you may run into people who would be willing to make banners for you. Has happened to me, and always credit the others with banners.

      Over the days, you'll get better and better, and not only that, you'll feel like you're more welcome on Smogon. :)
    17. Lord Scalgon
      Lord Scalgon
      Yep, alrighty, cool. I should be available to trade around that time. :)
    18. Lord Scalgon
      Lord Scalgon
      No prob, and I use Platinum FC. I might be able to trade tonight (9pm PST), so we'll see.
    19. Lord Scalgon
      Lord Scalgon
      Oh, whoops...yeah, I pretty much misread that. I guess you could throw in that Raikou + the shiny Empoleon.

      And yeah, thanks! After all, I'm pretty much the only guy that owns an Eruptran with 3 speed IV's + HP Grass.
    20. Lord Scalgon
      Lord Scalgon
      Oh, hey. Shiny HP Grass Timid Raikou seems tempting, if you're down to trade that, that is. That ok with you? :)

      (I can't trade at the moment, going to be on campus most of the day)
    21. paintrollhunter1
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