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Nov 25, 2009
Trophy Points:
    1. Sōusuke Aizen
      Sōusuke Aizen
      I wish i joined smogon when they still had social groups
    2. Sōusuke Aizen
      Sōusuke Aizen
      I cant wait to do Gen 6 wifi battles.
    3. Superspy
      Lol I missed that face lol
    4. Bidoofs Crazy Videos
      Bidoofs Crazy Videos
      Um, okay, sure. We can battle again. My team may not be exactly the same, as I just threw it together, but it should be similar.
    5. Bidoofs Crazy Videos
      Bidoofs Crazy Videos
      Aw, sorry, I'm out of time now. XD Oh well. Perhaps another time.
    6. DR4G0Nx
      There will be alot of suprises when i battle you next time ^_^
    7. GomuGomu007
      It said I lost connection to you. I was going to loose that battle regardless. We can battle again :)
    8. Forest Dragon
      Forest Dragon
      K, I actually just tested something on my ubers team, I'm probably up for a rematch sometime
    9. Forest Dragon
      Forest Dragon
      well if you get to bring chansey and blissey, then then i get to bring lugia's frenemy: HO-OH
    10. RedGyarados100
      Lol your still special
    11. MarquisPhantom
      Sorry I missed the chat request, I hadn't seen it until about an hour later, got busy. What is up?
    12. Blazeshadowthorn
      Nah it was fine, my computer froze for some odd reason. Anyways it was nice to have a conversation with you! Better then most people who don't talk at all -.-
    13. DBKinc
      gg! sorry i accidentally closed the window on my pc
    14. Keldeo56
      Hey but It was still a good battle hey can i add you as a friend you are a great battler!!!
    15. ZeoAbyss
      Haha please your the one who deleted my comment..
      Now I meant no harm I was just a bit annoyed at how you ended that.
      I hoped that we could be friends around here as you are extremely good and obviously the same level as me.
      Also when you said I d/c I was like wtf as I thought that was a fair match.
      Anyway whatever... Take it as you want to take it...
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    1678 5599 3054 Name: Malik
    No voice chatting please, feel free to disconnect, and no complaining about blacklisting me. I use "legit "legal "hacks" whatever that means.


    Real Name:
    My Characteristic:
    Loves to eat
    DP Friend Code:
    2449 2029 8244
    BW Friend Code:
    1678 5599 3054
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