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Jun 22, 2016 at 10:41 PM
Sep 21, 2008
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May 14
Sesame Street


Bert Stare, from Sesame Street

Scimjara was last seen:
Jun 22, 2016 at 10:41 PM
    1. Amell
      Hello, I'm your tutee for Battling 101 ^^

      What's the best way to get in contact with you, a VM here in SU forum, in iRC or what?

      Thanks in advance for helping me! :)
    2. Harsha
      lol didn't you say you don't work out? not buying it bro x)
    3. Lee
      you're too kind. I think it's my turn to look up to you now though - so c'mon, tell me what forearm exercises you've been doing. I've neglected mine horribly over the years and it's starting to get quite noticeable :x
    4. zdrup15
      I'm on holidays and am GMT+1 so you can choose pretty much every time from 10 am to 11 pm to battle
    5. Alice
      Sorry... I don't feel good at all, let's do it some other day, please
    6. Alice
      Oh come on, y'know y're gonna enjoy it... just like our first time toghether <3...

      unless you have some little "issues" down there i'm not aware of >_>

      I'll try to play tomorrow night, look for me on irc n_n
    7. Alice
      Our paths have crossed again, my ex-true love...

      we are bound to have two or three rounds of passionate UU matches, just for the old times together... <3

      i'm gmt -6 :P
    8. Pako
      Sorry for the delay, I've been busy this week. When you can play? I'm gmt +2.
    9. Bald Accountant
      Bald Accountant
      Can I send you a member invite to my group too? I am medicre, so let's battle for practice some time.
    10. Bald Accountant
      Bald Accountant
      Do you battle much? Trying to start a new battling game in Team rocket called Top Grunt.
    11. blarajan
      I could look at you shirtless for hours

      you are beautiful
    12. SOMALIA
      yo bro nm man all's good at this end how's ur summer? btw daaynum man lookin hench as fuck lol, u gotta teach me man;)
    13. davidness
      I'll be much just tell me how many minute saver
    14. davidness
    15. Squirrel.
      come back man, i think people need you
    16. Omicron
      scim teach me dpp for next tour :<
    17. Alice
      I'm gonna miss those strong arms that held me tight and protected me with their love and care for so many nanosec... nights...

      Ex-yours truly


      PS: I never liked Justin Bieber, so I'll be more than glad if you take them away from here n_n, and dog already pooped in your shirts >_<
    18. V4Victini
      K found you
    19. kittenmay
      you left me :(
    20. kittenmay
    21. Nosferalto
      i always wear my pants to hide my calves but the heat is unbearable

      calves look like shit compared to the rest lol

      quads have blown up

      and yeah his traps are the bomb, mine don't ever grow no matter what i do. tried high reps didn't work. tried heavy weights didn't work. feelsbadman
    22. Nosferalto
      thought it looked cool. wouldn't say it's aesthetic perfection. upper chest and delts are seriously lagging compared to the rest

      and does he even legs?
    23. Nosferalto
      is this real life
    24. Nosferalto
    25. airhawk
      Hello, i'm airhawk, the person assigned to be your tutor-ee. I'm not sure how the program works, or what to do next, but I figured I should send you a message to let you know i've been around, been checking and am aware of everything currently happening. You could send me a pm or visitor message or whatever, i'll be sure to check for something every day, thanks for time
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    May 14
    Sesame Street
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