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Aug 13, 2014
Dec 2, 2012
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Aug 13, 2014
    1. Rugaji
      ya, always finds a way to take my stuff. Gotcha. Might just go ahead and finish White 2 (still have 5 badges since week 1 release) so I can start RNGing on it as well.
    2. Rugaji
      yay! Awesome, sadly my bro was sneaking up on my white 2 and took the Genesect before I RNGed it. Needed to somehow get one back. :) thanks for the trade and sorry for the week long wait. If you want some other stuff let me know and we can trade.
    3. Rugaji
      Can you see me? I can see you online on Wi-Fi but idk if you can see me. ;_;
    4. Rugaji
      oh, I thought you saw it on the recent comments.

      My White 2 FC is: 0906-1016-4663
    5. Rugaji
      Sure, gotcha. Also, please clone these and trade again.
    6. Rugaji
      ah ok cool. Are you on now? =O
    7. Rugaji
      I'll be on all day today since bad weather. So for sure today or tonight we can trade if you're on.
    8. Rugaji
      Able to trade tonight? Sorry was busy -_- and haven't had time to do much this week
    9. Rugaji
      We can trade later on today or tonight. Sorry, had a busy weekend.
    10. Cereza
      sure thing
    11. Cereza
      Could it be possible to trade tomorrow? I'm really tired right now =c
    12. Cereza
      the standard sets for their corresponding natures is okay. or something that you thing could work. up to you :)
    13. Cereza
      that should be enough
    14. Cereza
    15. Cereza
      try re entering, it might just work
    16. Cereza
      1163 8384 2759

      see you there
    17. Cereza
      oh hey! sorry for not responding to your last VM; I was busy at the moment and then I just kind of forgot ;-;

      Anyways, yes, I can trade right now. I just need a few minutes to get all the pokemon and stuff. Also, do you want the dogs in gen 4 or 5?
    18. darkvide
      okay, I'm okay on Wednesday to exchange, give me your time zone
    19. Cereza
      either way sounds delightful! Just send me a message when you're ready to trade. ^.^
    20. Rugaji
      Ah ok, some campus routers are really bad or have some weird security. Just let me know when is the right time to trade, I'll keep checking VMs
    21. Rugaji
      Alright, then. We can trade tomorrow anytime. Really sleepy.
    22. Rugaji
      lol nah, actually it's due to me quitting Pokemon and my bro asking to have stuff, so I let him keep it. I didn't think I'd play again. I have the Jirachi, but it's nicknamed Death Wish (because I won it in a giveaway and was given a choice to nickname it before given to me.) I don't have the Entei anymore, but I do still have the Relaxed Suicune from the event. I never had Raikou, though.
    23. Age of Kings
    24. Age of Kings
      Age of Kings
      It's all good, I was in the same position as you :)
    25. Age of Kings
      Age of Kings
      In the future, click "View Conversation" and post any further VMs there so I can get notifications when you respond.

      I am also a university student who used to encounter that problem; do you have a DSi or 3DS and Windows? If so, you can download Connectify-Me and turn your computer into a hotspot and connect to Wi-Fi that way, the DSi and 3DS are explicitly supported. I use the free trial and it works just fine. If you have a Mac, I hear you can share internet via Airport or something but I'm not familiar with Macs.
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