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Aug 13, 2014
Dec 2, 2012
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Aug 13, 2014
    1. seasidetrainer
      Well, the problem is that my campus wifi has some sort of security that disallows me to do certain things online, and trading is one of them. ><
      We have two options. If my boyfriend (my trade shop partner) visits me this weekend, I can give him the Genesect and you can do the trade with him when he gets back to his apartment (which would probably be Tuesday). I go home for winter break on the 15th, though, and would be able to trade directly at almost any time. It's up to you; I'm sorry for the wait either way.
    2. Age of Kings
      Age of Kings
      Hello, are you still interested in the Dratini? I'm back from class and I can trade in a few minutes.
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