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Dec 10, 2012
Sep 5, 2007
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sendoh was last seen:
Dec 10, 2012
    1. CrownEntei
      I saw you were active in my thread, while I was fixing some huge weird problem i had, so maybe it was a little hard looking through it, but i fixed it now :)
    2. deadguydrew
      Sendoh - I apologize, I got called into work so I cannot trade tonight. I have internet access, but because my workplace uses WPA2 I can't get on with my DS. I will try to get back with you tomorrow evening.
    3. Palu
      Thanks for the trade!
    4. Palu
      Sure, I'll meet you in the wifi room! :)
    5. Palu
      Hi. Sorry for the lack of clarification in my previous message. I meant that I would be free on Dec. 9th. I'll be around from 4-10 pm central time on the 9th, so if anywhere in that range works for you, please let me know.
    6. deadguydrew
      I'll just trade you a new one with the right name. I cannot do it tonight (bed time here) but PM me what you want the name to be and we'll trade again ASAP.
    7. deadguydrew
      Thanks Sendoh, pleasure doing business with you.
    8. deadguydrew
      Hey Sendoh, I'm having connection problems (as usual) would you mind talking to me instead/ I'm coming back in.
    9. Palu
      Hi. Looks like I missed you this morning. Sorry about that. I'm afraid I'm busy tonight, but I'll have a lot of free time tomorrow evening if you can trade then. Oh, and the Poliwag doesn't need a nickname, but thanks for offering.
    10. deadguydrew
      Heya, I waited this morning for you, but didn't see you on. I think I may have miscalculated the time difference for us. Unfortunately I have work so I will not be back in till later today (tomorrow morning for you). Let me know when you want to try again. Thanks!
    11. deadguydrew
      Sure, I'll drop you a line around then.
    12. deadguydrew
      That might actually be a little late for me tonight (it's pushing 11:00PM here). Can we try again tomorrow about this time?
    13. deadguydrew
      I actually need it in 5th gen. The nickname can be anything. :P My FC is DEADGUY: 1635 6217 4844.
    14. deadguydrew
      Good morning. I can trade now if you have time. :P
    15. Captains
    16. Captains
      Use 5157 6507 3730

      See you in
    17. Captains
      1 minute..
    18. Captains
      I meant Bahamut :P Entering now sorry for the delay.
    19. Captains
      Reply via VM please :) The Terrakion is EV'd @ Lv. 100, let me just get my BW FC, as I have a new one. Meanwhile use my Platinum Fc, and I'll see you on G4 wifi, FC in "About Me", nickname the bagon Bahaumt thanks.
    20. gabriel
      Thanks for the trade! Enjoy Shellder and Cleffa, just keep in mind they're not redistributable.
    21. gabriel
      I don't know why it isn't working. We could try reconnecting.
    22. Sherkel
      That trade sounds good.
    23. Braseg257
      hey sendoh i've seen something that interested me, i've replied to your thread VM if you are available to trade
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    IGN: Sendoh
    B/W Friend Code: 2709-2717-4298
    HGSS Friend Code: 1850-5249-1659

    My Trade Thread: http://www.smogon.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3458587


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