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Seven Deadly Sins
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Jun 17, 2016
May 29, 2008
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Aug 28, 1989 (Age: 28)

Seven Deadly Sins

~hallelujah~, Male, 28

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Seven Deadly Sins was last seen:
Jun 17, 2016
    1. Eos
      happy birthday man

      also, nice avatar/ct haha
    2. Danmire
      Happy Birthday, SDS!
    3. Zebraiken
    4. SoulWind
      Happy birthday :]
    5. The Knights of Wario Land
    6. Cereza
      happy birthday!
    7. sandshrewz
      Happy Birthday!! :)
    8. Jukain
      happy bday!
    9. Shelmet
      Hey, so if I want to post a set, do I need to like tell you first or can I just post it?

    10. Aubade
      Awesome Nepata signature.

      Uh, that's all.
    11. Dinnerblaster
      Hi seven deadly sins! You don't know me, because I'm new here. I understand you are a moderator. I think we should set up a rant page, so people can blow off some steam about being swept, people shutting there game off on random matchup, Trollfreak, and the annoying ubiquitios RBY nostalgia freaks, that think that all games after RBY suck. I understand you are well known, but I am newer here, and I think people being able to vent would be good. So I hope you can help me on my endeavor. Cordially signed ~ Dinnerblaster
    12. The Wanderer
      The Wanderer
      about the ASB calculator...would a hyper beam-like attack count as "sluggish_self" in the effect field?

      Also, Sacred Sword. Should I put that as "s_sword" or as something else, since I'm pretty sure chip away has the same effect?
    13. Yamata no Orochi
      Yamata no Orochi
      Do you still have that rain team log you gave me? I kinda lost it since PS crashed.
    14. alexwolf
      I like how you regard Jolteon, which was #31 in June's statistics, as an irrelevant poke. If it goes this way we can also remove any mentions of Blissey from the checks and counters section of any special attacker, because it is not ''common''.

      Seriously i don't get why every high-authority member must support a badged member that made a mistake, even though they know that he was wrong. I am sure you knew that Nachos was wrong, but you simply ignored it, for the sake of it... And deleted my post with the excuse of ''pissing matches about irrelevant pokemon''. Ok then Tornadus-T is the faster ''common'' poke in OU, and Tyranitar is the best specially defensive ''common'' poke in OU.
    15. Sarenji
      i got 4 people in a span of 3 days to read homestuck.
    16. Ricky Horror
      Ricky Horror
      That Pikachu fat ass hell!
    17. cim
      bitch plz

      how's life bro
    18. Nova
      Awesome avatar! :)
    19. Cherub Agent
      Cherub Agent
      I'm sorry... It won't happen again.
    20. Mushroomist
      dude, the only reason that ginganinja didn't get those bans was because you got to them first, ginga was trying to do the ban though, so it's still the same thing. And why the hell would I accuse you of deleting a vm without a cause to it? I posted on your wall the first time you posted on mine, saying 'Wasn't asking you...' and it was then gone, the only possible solution was that you deleted it.
    21. Mushroomist
      real tough, deleting my last post on your wall. Same thing. Wasn't asking you. One of them actually was ginganinja, and also, it wasn't about me getting banned, it was about everyone being sick of ginga.
    22. Ray Jay
      Ray Jay
      i... enjoyed that pokemon essay
    23. Molk
      Okay, ive been using (or trying to use) Poliwrath during the day, and i have to say both sets have been pulling their weight really well, im going to have to agree that your spD heatran style wrath thats meant to be used with jirachi should be the first listed set, mainly because the extra moveslot gives it a lot more utility, and because rest/wish arent even a requirement with this set due to protect and water absorb. Im not QC in any tier, but i do find it rather disturbing that scald isnt even in the OO of that analysis .-., i mean the burns are awesome and you can simply phaze the shit ice beam is supposed to be hitting lol. I dont have logs just yet due to server issues and the fact that people forfeited before i could send it out sometimes, but ill work on that soon.

      EDIT: Maybe haze could see use on your set? hell even refresh could see merit because toxic is a bitch
    24. AccidentalGreed
      Ah, never mind about Magnezone. But definitely Porygon-Z and Breloom.
    25. Xaqwais
      I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a knuckle sandwich today.
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    Aug 28, 1989 (Age: 28)
    My Characteristic:
    Loves to eat
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