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Seven Deadly Sins
Last Activity:
Jun 17, 2016
May 29, 2008
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Aug 28, 1989 (Age: 28)

Seven Deadly Sins

~hallelujah~, Male, 28

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Seven Deadly Sins was last seen:
Jun 17, 2016
    1. TheMantyke
      Absolutely fantastic avatar
    2. Shii
      SDS can I ask you something? ;_;
    3. sandshrewz
      Thanks for all your help this issue SDS! :) look forward to working with you again for future issues ~
    4. Shii
      I just now saw your postbit and I love it. It's adorable. ADORABLE.
    5. Shii
      SDS? ;-;
    6. sandshrewz
      I did art for your aarticle even though I didn't ask beforehand if you don't mind! :) (of course you won't because it didn't even have sprites)

      /me Pin Missle. Go implement that GP check when you can O:<
    7. PK Gaming
      PK Gaming

      Yeah my time online is limited since my laptop broke. I can only get on from like 10 > 3. I'll try to get on more often, but since my laptop broken i've been having some difficulty getting on IRC (other than mibbit)
    8. TruthPains
      i messaged you about the smog. please get to that.
    9. TrollFreak
      hey SDS, can I take over the Metagross revamp if Shorts Theory can't get it done?
    10. Sarenji
      i only just noticed your sig changes. A+
    11. Nightmare Jigglypuff
    12. Dietcoke101
      Oh hi! I just read you're post about about being a battle tutor (I don't know if this is still the case) and well I would like to be tutored, if that's possible. I'm pretty good at battling and have been competitively battling for a couple months. I have my team and notes on it already if you want to see them. Thanks.
    13. Dewhinifier
      so uhh...I got assigned to you for round 61. I'll be ready to begin when you are. Hope to speak to you soon!
    14. Pocket
      SDS, may you give Analytic Magnezone a second look? Please check out my post on the 2nd page for log replays and other supporting material. I probably had more success with the Sub variant (w/ Charge Beam :o) than the specs variant, although the latter is just as powerful (just less versatile). This set was surprisingly effective whenever I tested it out; it actually does a great job at wallbreaking and just dishing out crippling hits, taking out a mon or two. The significance power difference allows Magnezone to net so many more kills than the standard set; it certainly deserves to be on-site.

    15. Aurora
      ok, time to get that PO mod badge unalumnused
      welcome back
    16. SJCrew
      what fictional work is being portrayed in your avatar, it seems familiar
    17. JellyOs
      Hey, Delko gave me Abomasnow (Physical Attacker) to write up. Could a new OP be made so I can put my write up in?
    18. Dark Nikuman
      Dark Nikuman
    19. soulless shadow
      soulless shadow
      lol, you PMed me then went back to where we started.
    20. sandshrewz
      /me does what Sestuna said

      /me Pin Missle *poke* SevenDeadlySins
    21. Best Wishes
      Best Wishes
      Hello there. I am interested in being a writer in The Smog. What qualifications do I need to have?
    22. sandshrewz
      /me *poke* SevenDeadlySins to see if he's here

      lol. Hiiiiii, have you read the PM already? ?_? Does silent means consent or you're still thinking? :x haha thanks! :)
    23. soulless shadow
      soulless shadow
      are you testing my patience?
    24. Mazz
      So, when would you like to start? I remember you asking me not to be a flake when it comes to being your tutee, and yet this is happening. If real-life shit's getting in the way, say something. Don't just leave Soulless Shadow and I out on a limb.
    25. soulless shadow
      soulless shadow
      is this one where we'll annoy you until you speak? i had to do that with blue harvest to get a post switched on SPPF once... it was funny.
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    Aug 28, 1989 (Age: 28)
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    Loves to eat
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