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Oct 26, 2013
Jun 13, 2010
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    1. Pearl
    2. SoulWind
      For sure, sunday at that time. 9 pm
    3. Pearl
      hey we gotta fight for spl. you can easily find me on #rarelyused
    4. SoulWind
      we have to play for the random pokemon tourney, i'm gmt +1, tell me when can you play
    5. Heysup
      Can you please confirm for 7:00 AM my time, 9:00 PM your time?
    6. Heysup
      alright. i guess i could wake up at 7:00 AM my time, 9 your time? I have a class anyway, so its no big deal
    7. Heysup
      Can you let me know asap so I don't wake up early for nothing :P
    8. Heysup
      What about at like 11:30 PM tonight (friday)? It's 9:30 for me the next day (on Saturday). I have a Class on Sunday so I can't do it any earlier on Sunday.
    9. Heysup
      How does midnight work for you on Saturday? It's 10:00 AM for me.
    10. Heysup
      I'm GMT +2, so this shouldn't be that bad....I'm not sure if my internet will be working well on any specific days, so I'd like to get it done while i know it's working.
    11. Heysup
      I have internet, can we schedule a time? I'm available almost any time at all save 4 hours for class (changes depending on the day for now...) but just give me a time!
    12. Heysup
      Ill be on pretty often starting in about 8 hours. let me know your timezone and when you're available
    13. Snunch
      If you come on IRC tonight I can help you test teams and I'm sure the rest of classiest will too
    14. Stone_Cold
      Make sure to get your match done tomorrow buddy.
    15. Nails
      i will be gone from about 2 to maybe 5 or 6 (could be shorter, could be longer, i have no clue how long it will take). just a heads up

      hopefully you log on soon...

      edit: will be gone tomorrow
    16. Nails
      i will be on all night if you wanna play :)
    17. panamaxis
      yeah sounds good, cya then.
    18. panamaxis
      hey can we play this weekend? I'm working pretty much all day on monday and tuesday and im on holidays from wednesday onwards until saturday so this weekend is pretty much the only time i can do it. My timezone is GMT+10
    19. Nails
      are you on now

      but yeah i guess that'll work
    20. Nails
      when do you wanna battle

      i'm good to play whenever
    21. kuja20
      We gotta play for the Uber Inclusion tour, I'll be around after 11pm GMT/6pm EST every evening, when do you wanna play?
    22. undisputed
      yeah, pst?
    23. undisputed
      i cant im currently at the miami airport and will be on a flight in like 30 mins or so. how about sometime tomorrow? im free all tomorrow
    24. undisputed
      hey we need to play for st8, when?
    25. LUST
      i am on smogon as mostwanted.
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